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When they say that the majority of the men that were killed were police they're trying to take the attention away from the fact that Muslims are never happy they're always blowing up each other always like when you watch videos like I watch one recently of this young man and in the United Kingdom I think it was and he was saying how he will kill you you know what Muslims don't just want to kill non-believers Muslims are always always blowing each other up I remember when I was in Indonesia a few years ago there was a Starbucks and they blew up the freaking Starbucks and if they're not blowing something up they're doing acid attacks and you know these bombings are coming to the United States pretty soon I hate to break it to you once they have control of the community oh geez there's do you know do you know there's not just SUNY and and Shia oh no there's like something like 70 or 72 different sex of Islam and they are always in conflict with each other like the Amadeus for example it's a h m i d i a y a something like that well this group these Amadeus they are hated by everyone in Islam just hate it anyways it's not because of police and there may have been police there but you know what if you're a Muslim which Pakistan is a pretty hard line Muslim country and you want to kill the police you blow up the police station but if you want to blow up Muslims you blow up the freaking mosque okay there is no such thing as non-muslims really in Pakistan so they're just trying to take the attention away from the fact that Muslims are always blowing s*** up

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JFC dude, how about some punctuation in that wall of text?

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You know that that's what people are always saying to me use some punctuation m*********** and I'm like hey who needs commas and periods and quotation marks and! And paragraphs and s*** like cuz like cuz like cuz like they don't do nothing they just sit there and you know what you can do is you can you know what I found my microphone and you know what you can do you can cipher like this watch check this s*** out one plus one equals two 2 + 2 = 4 4 + 4 = 8 8 + 8 = x watch I can do all the numbers up to 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 7 2 12 watch me do my letters watch this s*** a b c d e f g h i m t v p z I know my abc

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Most of those who died were part of the police force, and it is believed they were the target of the attack.

Peshawar police chief Muhammad Ijaz Khan told local media that between 300 and 400 police officials were present in the area at the time of the blast.

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Religion of peace strikes again.

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Stupid mudslimes

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How do you expect the rest of the world to give a shit about you if you can't stand yourselves?