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This is a big problem for men, because I think it happens fairly often, and a man can go to prison and perhaps be killed in prison for being a sex offender.

It doesn't work the other way around tho..

Can you imagine if I called the police to say that she raped me?

They would fall down laughing.

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Male victims of rape are not taken seriously. And most police officers are simps. Which is why I don’t e respect them.

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The majority of men in general are simps.

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Which is sad. That's why boys and young men need male role models. Not just their fathers, but also uncles, grandfathers, male teachers, sports coaches and more. Also, American sitcoms should be boycotted because of how they portray male characters as pussies.

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Five years is nothing compared to what the men would've received had they been convicted. She should be doing way more time.

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If this is the same person, she agrees.

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Good to see some justice, good to see the paper showing her face and name, sad that as fucking usual they drone on about 'real victims'.

The real victim of a false accusation is the person falsely accused. Period.

Then the cop on about 'If YOU want to make a false accusation, be assured we'll believe your lying female ass, with zero evidence required, and will hound the guy for you likely-split!'

It's only cos this individual was so deranged she made 10 separate accusations against 2 men they actually believed the guys, who had to wear criminal ankle bracelets ffs!

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Yes. I agree 100%. The falsely accused are the real victims of rape. Their lives are ruined. Even if they get their names cleared, the media would cover the fact that their names have been cleared. And there will always be 100 retards in the same town who will still insist that the two men who are innocent "are still guilty, I'm still with her!". So those retards will continue to make the lives of the falsely accused miserable, and they will get away with it.

People who make false rape accusations should get the maximum sentence for rape. Fuck it, people who lie about being raped should have their heads shaved and be flogged in public to serve a warning. And don’t give me crap about how this will prevent actual victims of rape from coming forward. If a rape victim comes forward, we should be sympathetic but we should also exercise scepticism until the evidence is clear. If the rape did happen, castrate the perpetrator and flog him or her in public 1,000 times. If the rape didn’t happen and it was clear that the accuser just wanted to ruin the accused person's life, castrate the liar and flog her or him in public 1,000 times. And if there is no evidence either way, then keep investigating.

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with zero evidence required

That's the tricky thing about rape, there's often no evidence that proves there was a rape, or even that sex occurred if the guy is wearing a condom or doesn't ejaculate. It's one person's word against another's. Either raped women get no justice, or men are going to be falsely accused.

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There is no justice without the presumption of innocence.

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I'm in agreement, I argued long and hard against the Cosby verdict because while he seems sketchy, there's no evidence he actually raped those women, but it is a conundrum, because I wouldn't want a woman, particularly in the family, to be raped and have no recourse.

I wouldn't mind if there were affordable body cams that constantly streamed and were recorded on a private server, privacy nightmare aside. Would help with police misconduct too.

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That's another horrific thing, because we seem to presume men guilty the papers often splash his name and photo all over the place, encouraging other women to come forward and join in the spoils if he's rich, and glorious victimhood either way.

They'll even hide the identify of the "victim".

You say there's rarely evidence of rape, but it's even harder to prove a false accusation. After all, you can have sex willingly and then decide to cry rape later. There's proof the man was there, proof you had sex - how do you prove consent and innocence?

That's why the presumption should always be innocent until PROVEN guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Like so, so many other things lately, we seem to have lost sight of such basics?

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Again I agree, but the fact remains that sometimes all there is is belief. Requiring proof means some rapes will go unpunished. Although there's no excuse for trying people in the media.

I actually went to college with a guy who was accused of rape. He was fired from his job, banned from the campus, kicked out of his apartment, inundated with death threats. It was a top news story that he was accused of rape, but then it turns out she lied, and that was a minor correction in the paper weeks later nobody saw. It was fucked.

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A bit like The Final Cut

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I forgot about that movie. Rip Robin Williams.

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At least she got some accountability, but it’s not enough. She should have been given the maximum sentence a rapist can get.

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hashtagbelieveallwomen is working out about as well as I expected it to.

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Did they find out her motive?

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Why would anyone want to fuck that, anyways?

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It's amazing what a man would do for a wet hole.

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6.5 / 10 would molest (in Starflight for Sega Genesis).

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I was going to say ...

... most men here would still sleep with her.

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Naahh... Men can have (optional) lie detectors, too.

As soon as they are able to stop thinking with their penises only.