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Shows just how stupid Putin is. Almost every NATO member has increased defense spending by a significant amount. On top of that, Sweden and Finland, both normally neutral countries, have decided it's not safe to not be a part of NATO. Because of Russia. And of course Moldova and Kosovo also want NATO membership.

So it great, the US has to do nothing but rally NATO to keep supplying arms to Ukraine, and Ukraine degrade the Russian Army until they have lost their experienced soldiers, and their best and newest military equipment. And Sanctions, while making the oil money good, make it very difficult for Russian Arms factories to work. And it's costing the US pennies on the dollar, as compared to fighting a war ourselves. So let's recap. It's great for the USA. It's great for NATO. And it sucks balls for Putin and Russia the fascist country where people have no rights and the opposition is murdered as elections are rigged. Sorry, Russia is going out of style.