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Dude you believe in alien invasion fake news blogs, no wonder your connection to reality is so thin here.

staged the coup in Ukraine in 2014

It wasn't a coup, it was a return to elections. Nobody has ever produced a scrap of evidence for the 'coup" theory.

supporting the far-right nationalists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine

More nonsense conjecture. We support Ukraine. Russia quite provably supports fascists like La Lega, Marine Le Pen, Austria freedom party, alternative for Germany.

You've got to admit. If there was some far-right nationalist force in Ukraine, it would join all it's European brethren in siding with Russia.


More conspiracy theory and unproven nonsense from the guy who reads alien invasion blogs + serb ethnonationalist fake news, and incorporates it to his worldview. You're full of it my friend

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Who is paying you to troll this sub? I mean do you think you're dumb lies are fooling anyone? Everyone here can see you are a just another government liar and you are not my friend. I despise you people and everything you claim to stand for.