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Awesome, fuck Ukraine

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u/wigger is coming for you

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    Retards can't tell the difference between material support and exercising free speech. Words don't kill people you delusional twat.

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    "genocide" lol. I mean don't get me wrong, war is bad, but there's no genocide or ethnic cleansing going on. Putin just wants the land/region (as far as I can tell.)

    However, some in Ukraine were trying to remove Russian speakers, and treating Russians & people with Russian family poorly even before the war. Not to mention, the public glorification of Azov Battalion (Neo-Nazi group) by both Ukraine officials AND the Western media.

    Not that Russia doesn't have Nazis, but, from my POV it really does look like the world's turning a blind eye to Ukraine's hatred, all because "russia is more bad" I guess.

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    What's the name of the thing where the red army drag you out of your house and tie your hands behind your back and shoot you in the head and leave your body in the road, because you're related to a soldier? Didn't there used to be a name for that ? What's it called when a nation destroys a civilian shopping center in the middle of the day, or missile strikes a train station during evacuation, or demolishes a theatre with massive letters CHILDREN outside? What's it called when a fascist double taps first responders, or when they demolish soldier's graveyards, or promote rape as a weapon of war, or declare an entire nation as "fake" and kill 100 thousand civilians then laugh about it? Is that ethnic cleansing or just plain terrorism? Do you think ukranian speakers are getting along ok in the occupied areas?

    Russian speakers, and treating Russians & people with Russian family poorly

    What the fuck is the matter with you that vague intonations about language classes are hyped up by russian propaganda and you think it's a real pressing issue....but an ongoing genocide is just... meh

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    Everything is a propaganda

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    Sure like when the fascists complain about russian language being harassed, that's propaganda. Or when the fascists complain about NATO defensive alliance, that's propaganda. Or when the facists complain about "banderites", that's propaganda.

    Children's bodies buried under the rubble of the theater is not propaganda though, it's real.

    Human beings turned into lumps of coal while they were just buying food, that's real, not propaganda.

    And hundreds of reported rapes are not propaganda, those are human lives wrecked.

    So get your head checked

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    People can support whatever the fuck side they want. You don't own me.

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    No, freedom of speech. If you can’t debate someone who says something you find horrible, just talk to somebody else.

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      I stand with mr Putin

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      I don't stand with Putin, but I am not against him either.

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      Normal Ukrainians might care, Zelensky, Nazis and the west don't care, because those weapons are just a medium of money laundering.. People got rich already, the reason why they are switching the narrative to Ukraine might need to give up some territory to end the war.. Russia can fight it till the end and the Russia Ruble is better than even before taking Crimea.. Food and energy shortages are already across Europe..

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      Also, Russia can cut off power to Europe. They will sell that excess inventory of gas to India.

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      Funny they say this every few days yet more western weapons appear on the front line.

      The numbers they've given for destroyed helos and fixed wings are more than the total Ukrainian air frames.

      Clearly they thought the oppressed russian population were getting rowdy what with all the arson and derailed trains, so they need to pretend they're making progres and have nearly won

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      Funny they say this every few days yet more western weapons appear on the front line.

      Well yes. 60 billion in money stolen from the American tax payers will buy you a lot of weapons. A near endless supply in fact. Unfortunately, the more Ukraine uses them, the more Ukraine citizens will have to die. I recommend surrender.

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      Stolen?! As an American tax payer I INSIST that my taxes buy weapons for the freedom fighters in Ukraine. Every dead invader brings the collapse of Russia one day closer, that foul prison of nations. Slava ukraini

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      The fractional banking system is a fraudulent pyramid scheme, of which the IRS, and the federal reserve take part in, laundering their money through banks in Ukraine.

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      What evidence led you to conclude that

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      It's self evident in it's name. The fractional banking system loans out money it does not have, (fractional) and then takes the money from those loans back in. Which inevitably leads to hyper inflation and a system that needs to be destroyed, and thus built back better, once every 50 to 70 years.

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      Sorry to be clear, I want to know why you think the American Inland revenue service needs to launder money through Ukrainian banks

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      But what does the IRS or federal reserve have to do with it? If you're going to invent a conspiracy at least make it rational.

      Your proof that the IRS launders money through Ukraine is a board seat of hunter Biden? That's your standard of proof for a statement like that?

      If I can show multiple German and Austrian chancellors sitting on the boards of gazprom and rosneft - wouldn't that make Russia an international money laundering hotspot according to your logic

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      Fractional banking is corrupt by design, as it pays out people for a token system without ever working. You do all of the work, they get paid for loaning out money that only exists in the form of debt. It's similar to the "Proof of Stake" model in cryptocurrencies, as it pays you for simply already having money.

      Next up, you have to ask yourself, why all the world's richest men are into charity, and philanthropy. And what is green energy. What is the basic principles of money laundering such as present in land deals, and the art community. Because every aspect of our society is effected by it, as it is built into the carrot and stick model. Using abstraction layers, you can thus get anyone, to do anything you wish through compartmentalization of industry.

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      Americans should look after themselves before looking after others.

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      We're doing fine buddy. Don't worry about us. America likes to intervene to prop up overseas democracies so that there's someone to buy cars and coca cola. It makes people here the richest in the world, so helping Ukraine is a smart inventment

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      By cars and Coca Cola, you mean large, multinational corporations as opposed to small businesses? Businesses do more for the local and national economy than corporations do. Furthermore, it would be more profitable to sell Coca Cola and cars in Russia than in Ukraine, since Russia has 3 times the population.

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      I'm talking about free market and open trade borders. The thing which made America the most powerful economy in the world. The opposite of that, would be "Imperial Preference" trade systems where America is frozen out - a threat so bad that Wilson took the country into ww1. This is not a new discovery. It's why America entered Europe over 100 years ago. Same threat today. America will prop up democracies because they trade with us and we like trade.

      Americans should look after themselves

      America fights for its values, for selfish and selfless reasons. Selfish - I explained above. Selfless - America loves an underdog, you know that.

      sell Coca Cola and cars in Russia than in Ukraine

      If the world lost Ukraine, it would lose the rule of law, it would lose the UN's reason for being, it would lose the 'level playing field' of world trade in exchange for 'spheres of influence' and imperial preference. So don't worry yourself - America will predictably support democracies oversees no matter what.

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      America should mind their own business. If you guys support democracies so much, why do you let Saudi Arabia, a dictatorship, invade Yemen? Why do you support Turkey, a dictatorship? Your country doesn't give a rat's arse about human rights or democracy. And frankly, you don't have the right to police the planet. Only the privilege to do so, simply because European leaders are cucks and China knows how to manipulate your institutions.

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      why do you let Saudi Arabia

      Because they're the people we work with after the fall of the ottoman empire. There's nobody else, no alternative. (Did you think the houthis are democratic?)

      Why do you support Turkey

      It's not technically a dictatorship, in fact there's a vote coming up. And turkey are a western nation (believe it or not) that align with America on the important topics. Plus - they make a great russian kebab on the bayraktar.

      arse about human rights or democracy

      Your world would be very different if that was true

      because European leaders are cucks

      Boohoo the cucks keep ruining my plans for a new world order. Why won't the cucks let me rape Ukrainians in peace.

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      Cherson is russian now

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      It's under temporary occupation, like what fascists do when they move into an area. Won't be for long

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      Russia just released 144 Azov POWs back to Ukraine because they know they're losing this war