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Yes, Canada has become, a u/CleverFoolOfEarth put it, a real dystopia. It's where I live.

I got a doctor prescription to see a Lyme disease specialist in spring 2018. I was supposed to be allocated an appointment date in september 2019 for an actual appointment in september 2020 or so. Of course we had to have a scamdemic, so now we are in 2022 and I don't even yet have AN APPOINTMENT, much less actual medical care from our "wonderful" and "free" disease strengthening and enhancement ("health care") system.

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So terrible that you grew a vagina.

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Poking fun at the ill and disabled is utterly reprehensible, therefore I will refrain from doing so to you, as you obviously have serious mental issues.

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I'm not the one with a psychosomatic illness beloved by attention seeking crazy women.

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I think you're thinking of fibromyalgia. Lyme disease is a persistent bacterial infection.

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Why don't you hit up all the ER's in town until someone treats you?

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You truly have zero idea what you are talking about, do you? This is a complex illness for which only a very tiny few specialists exist in our province. For the longest time, the bureaucracy did not recognize that Lyme disease exists in Québec at all! And I must mention, no matter how obvious this is, that people actually travel and can get sick with illnesses they catch somewhere else. I got mine in Australia while consulting with client athletes.

But that is precisely the point: BUREAUCRACY gives zero fucks. There are no market forces opening up an opportunity for a doctor to learn about that illness and be THE ONLY ONE doctor who can do something about it in the entire province.

Some bureaucrat somewhere in an office has to be convinced that something has to be done about this illness, then he has to have committees discuss what and how and when and where to get the funding and where to put these fucking doctors and then actually find the education and MAKE these doctors so that the illness system can finally handle the condition.

Just this last part can EASILY take a decade when the government is responsible for doing things. And then they will allocate just enough resources to treat the number of patients they had when they began researching this initiative, which means their joke of a "healthcare" system will be backlogged to hell by the time they actually start seeing patients.

Many people have died of this illness in my province out of not having been able to get proper medical care. ZERO FUCKS GIVEN.

And emergency wards of hopitals here: I have shown up with broken limbs and got to see a doctor within only 13 hours. Just imagine a chronic illness, if they even knew what to do about it, which they don't: WE WILL SEE YOU WHEN THE ER IS COMPLETELY EMPTY, THAT IS... NEVER.

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If you want to just sit on your ass and complain instead of finding someone to treat you then fine by me. Here in the southern USA we have Lyme disease all over the place and every GP in town knows about it. Maybe take a trip to Florida and find yourself a small town mountain doctor to get you fixed up.

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You really have zero idea what you are talking about. These are treatments that last for months and require multiple follow-ups. Please, stop embarrassing yourself by speaking out your ass, it's the same shit that comes out your mouth.

THE WHOLE POINT of my post is that no, our "healthcare" system isn't better than the US one. And you agree with me, which is a feat considering the cesspool universe which obviously characterizes your mind, as evidenced from its output.

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OK, then sit on your ass and don't do anything about it. No skin off my back.

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Again, the cesspool perspective at work. Impressive.

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The take it in the ass and do nothing about it perspective at work. Stupid.

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Retard projects his retardedness, assuming I am doing nothing because literally the best HE could do is go to the doctor. Double-digit IQ is not something you should flaunt, FYI.

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Passive acceptance of a condition that should be treated is stupid. Were you droppped as a child?

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Do you think bureaucracy isn't a problem in the US?

Oh your doctor wants you to get a PET scan? Some bureaucrat in the insurance office said no, how about a CT scan instead? Oh that won't catch what they are looking for? Well, do it anyway and then wait three weeks and maybe we'll approve the PET scan. And just hope that those weeks aren't critical in your cancer treatment. Thanks for playing.

Unless you show up with a briefcase of cash, you're dealing with shitty bullshit bureaucracy in the US as well. We've just moved it to middlemen so they can skim some $ off the top.

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Oh, I am not saying the system in the USA is perfect: it is incredibly expensive and yes, "insurance" is truly more of a scam than actual protection.

"The rich stay healthy and the sick stay poor."

No society can ever be truly prosperous and allow for individual creativity without getting rid of political representatives, because such "representation" leads to corruption and cronyism. As such, the so-called "free markets" of the USA are imaginary. There aren't any. How do you get rid of representatives?

There are two options: National Socialism / Nazism, and localized direct democracy. Anything else crushes the creative drive of the individual and leads into regression instead of improvement.

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Holy fuck. Canada really is a dystopia.

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Canada beats us on health metrics as well as education...

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Depends on the metrics you look at. As u/horrux said, going on 4 years for an appointment for Lyme disease.

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Sounds kind of like bullshit. My family members and I haven't had any problems. We got two major surgeries in the last 5 years, including one during the pandemic. Neither were emergency surgeries and they were all scheduled within around 3 months.

If Horrux's testimony is true, maybe he should have just been more persistent or gone to see another doctor. You need referrals for a lot of family doctors, but there are also open clinics which pretty much get the job done.

The problem with the law in question isn't about the law's intent. Assisted suicide for ppl suffering who are about to die and WANT to end it isn't exactly a horrible concept. The problem is that people who are poor and unable to pay for out of pocket expenses for their illnesses are choosing to die. The article argues that Canada doesn't have enough social care spending.

Lack of social care/programs is a problem a ton of countries face. The better countries probably consist of the Scandinavian countries.

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And Japan, where the pension and medical care are excellent if you're old but sucks for the younger idiots (Sorry, but it's true.). Nearly 30% of the 126 million Japanese are 65 or older and that's why, like Canada, they are desperately trying to kill us off.

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Sounds kind of like bullshit. My family members and I haven't had any problems.

The plural of anecdote is not data.

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Lyme disease is one of these "rare" and "new" and not fully recognized conditions that, at least here in Québec, have very few specialists that are able to manage correctly. It requires specialists and there is little to no funding for education about it in the medical field.

Also, healthcare is a provincial competence. And here in Québec, the crime gangs are the government, no decency, giving zero fucks, etc.

Either way "I had a flu and was able to get treated, and same for my broken leg" in Ontario or whichever other province doesn't mean what I'm writing isn't true, mr. "sounds like bullshit". You smell like it, more like.

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Because fake illnesses go to the back of the queue.

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I no longer trust official "metrics" anywhere in the world. Too many games going on from all governments. Who counts always determines the "metric" they arrive at.

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All right, we need more input from you. Never believe anything your government tells you.

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That's why I typically look at Legatum, since it's not any government

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"Us"? Who is this "us" you speak of?

And why trying to change the subject?

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Us is the US of A.

And did you mean something else by "social care system"?

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It's just odd you said "us" without bothering to explain who "us" is. Bolivians? Taiwanese? It could have been anyone.

And honestly it came off like at attempt to derail the conversation from Canada's murdering of poor people into a different argument. This is a tactic commonly used by hired social media influencers. Of course you aren't one, despite behaving identically.

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Sounds like you're trying to change the subject.

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The topic is Canada murdering poor people with euthanasia. Discuss.

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No comment, since I have not researched this topic. My comments were geared to the editorialized part of your post regarding social welfare.

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Only the ignorant murikkkans say "us" while expecting to be understood, because Americans are so ignorant that they don't actually believe in other nations and inherently and subconsciously believe the Internet is a USA phenomenon, and of course, that they are "the greatest nation on Earth" while in fact it is only the most degenerate.

But I agree with your response, pointing out the hubris, conceit and shortsightedness implicit in the comment.