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For the lazy: no, not this outbreak in particular, just that it may be something various national bioweapon labs are working with

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So this is from 3 testimonies trying to claim that Russia may use it as a bioweapon.

Two of the testimonies are ppl who pretty much work for the US government. The third testimony is from the UN inspector who wanted to remain anonymous.

Usually American politicians accuse others of what they're guilty it's pretty safe to assume that monkeypox is being spread by the US, especially since they're censoring and controlling speech on the topic like they did with COVID-19.

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they are only spreading lies

flu killed 1.2 mil .. then 0 covid killed 1.2 mil

if bio weapons did exist we'd all be sick or dead already

instead all we get is mass insanity of a population that they want to kill each other or themselves

they CAN'T do it

they need us to commit suicide with our thoughts

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funny how they keep saying things are an outbreak xyz

but then it 'fails'

if these 'bio-weapons' really worked.. i promise you we'd be so sick without explanation

but we are not

there is always an obvious reason people are sick.. they don't take care of themselves.. physically or mentally or spiritually ... or some combination there of.

and if you correct those conditions before a more permanent condition develops you can cure yourself fully..

hopefully before you lose teeth..

peace be unto you, you are with God , BE AT PEACE and BE WELL