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are they racially white?

is it in Europe?

does it have dirty secrets US and EU doesn't want out? (like biolabs, the groomer son doing shady business, ..)

If the answer is "no" to those questions then we don't care about them.

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It's got nothing to do with them being racially white, and you're either ignorant to the truth of the matter or deliberaly obfuscating the involvement of Israel and jews. The jewish globohomo empire knows that a Russian victory in Ukraine means the beginning of the end of American global hegemony, and America is the primary vassal state of Israel. Jews aren't yet ready to switch to a new host so they're using their vast resources to gang up on Russia.

No one will condemn Israeli aggression in any official capacity anywhere on Earth except for its direct victims because of the massive global power and influence which Israel wields through its intensely ethnocentric operatives occupying the highest rungs of business, banking, entertainment and politics all over the West.