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That's weird because the US is the main backer of Taiwan, so I thought they'd have that stance already

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The US backed both sides (KMT and Maoists) and set up the Taiwan vs mainland conflict in the first place. They initiated the White Terror in Taiwan to get rid of pro-CCP activists and then the Cultural Revolution in mainland to get rid of pro-capitalists. Similar to how Operation Gladio and COININTELPRO worked to polarize the population.

The US officially recognized the CCP as the legitimate government in 1979, then helped China rise in power during the Bush/Clinton era where they transferred tech and manufacturers over. Then Obama started plans to militarily encroach mainland followed by Trump initiating mass propaganda against them and seeding COVID-19.

The Tibet conflict (see the CIA Tibetan op), Tiananmen (see Skull and Bones involvement), Uyghurs (Operation Gladio B), HK protests (see NED funding) and Taiwan all have US involvement. The CCP blame the US for a ton of their problems and it's all essentially true. China spends a lot of money and bribes to try to appease NATO leaders (see Hunter Biden, Trudeau), but the effectiveness is limited.

There are hundreds of sources ppl need to go over, but I'll provide a few:

The OSS in Support of the Chinese Communists:

OSS in Action The Pacific and the Far East (U.S. National Park Service):

The Secret War for China:

Sibel Edmond (most silenced woman in America) on Uyghurs/Operation Gladio B in 2015:

Shorter version of Sibel Edmond's testimony:

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Hm thank you for the information, that's interesting, I hadn't considered that angle but it makes sense. Play them off each other, and maintain the social polarization necessary to ensure they can continue to be played off each other.

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The key to normalizing relations between the PRC and USA was the US' recognition of the One China Policy. Nixon in 1972 and all that. That's why Taiwan has to go to the Olympics as "Chinese Taipei".

Now they're renouncing that, and war is the only natural outcome. Of course they'll provoke the other side into moving first, because that's how they roll. Up to and including false flag attacks.