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Pfizer's own data. Their story is unraveling fast at this point.

It is also suspected that this is the reason Malone was blacklisted by Twitter.

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Thank you to these feisty Canadians

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You're welcomed. Canadian here got one poke but don't have the courage to tell my brother in law I love you guys but I can't go through with the rest.

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yeah it's stressing my family too. i want to catch real covid so that they'll leave me alone about it. i guess they still probably wouldn't.

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Just lie.

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Just compromise your integrity - and your fundamental inherited stubbornness that had already earned you black sheep status long before COVID. No time like the present to fold. /s

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hahaha epic

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Lying is rough, but i placate like a mfer. I like the Aaron Rodgers line "yes I'm immunized".

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Yeah I hear that. I straight up want my health care team to call me up and say we have your blood work results back(which yes they do have that) and aside from the usual go with "did you know you briefly had covid but were asymptomatic?" Huh neat. But I only had one poke. Them oh? Me: yeah. Oh this was before the vaccine. That's fascinating. Remember the conversation I just posted was fake. Your family sounds like mine. My mom in order for me to get taken seriously about some health conditions I had had to have me get one of my doctors to call her and tell her. Just So that maybe just maybe she'd take me seriously. Even then I still have to fight for her to listen to me about things. Your family sounds like mine. "But mom but sis.." you stammer knowing you're about to pitch a temper tantrum to get your voice heard.

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