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I'm not calling you any names, you as much as admit you're shilling for China.

Mentioning you're overly sensitive, that's not an insult. It is practically impossible to have a conversation with you without you flipping out. Ever notice your posts get a lot of upvotes but people avoid commenting? There's a 20% chance every Chippy post you comment on this is going to happen.

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Whoops, didn't realize I was talking to a work-at-home social media influencer. My mistake!

I avoid commenting on Chipits posts because being such a powerful "social media influencer" makes him uncomfortable. No need to apologise, Chipit, you're not in trouble.

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LOL over 80% of the US population doesn't want any more wars or foreign interventions. Do you realize how wildly unpopular neoliberalism is? The only people who wanted the Iraq war were about 25 men in Washington DC. Even with all our money they wasted, they couldn't even beat goat-fuckers with AKs in Afghanistan. They lost.

Has zero to do with China, but you knew that.