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Boiling oil. It worked in the middle ages. Just pour it on the invaders. They'll get the picture.

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Boiling oil? Thats cruel and unusual punishment from medieval times!
These are modern times: Get the flame thrower

Modern times need Modern solutions!

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Yea, napalm under pressure would work also.

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The fun fact is the French government has been playing this game with the UK for decades and somehow they've managed to convince everyone it's just a fact of life like the tide coming in.

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Getting raped by migrants in France is part and parcel of living in a big city

France: Canadian student raped at migrant camp in Calais 29/08/200 French police are hunting a man who raped a journalism student from London as she prepared a photo-report at an illegal immigrant camp in woods near Calais.

The 31-year-old Canadian had been interviewing migrants desperate to reach Britain by stowing away under lorries. The patch of woodland near Calais port is known as The Jungle, where would-be asylum seekers sleep rough under scraps of plastic sheeting. The woman had visited the area three times before she was raped on Tuesday at around 7pm.

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I've had a French guy tell me they allow these camps because it appeals to the local electorate somehow and it's nothing to do with not being able to deal with the immigrants or how border control works. Showing France is still powerful enough to stick it to Britain or something.