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Wasting Trillions into the fake-demic is the first cause.
There already was a huge debt due to the wars (around 600 trillion)
and the Ponzi schemes in several markets (China just lost 200 trillion).
Now there is also a halt of all transports and destruction of small business, combined with destructive regulations.

So almost everything is caused by the World Economic Forum.
They created the fake-demic on global scale,
their globalized banks lend out all the money for the Ponzi schemes (which they "printed" themselves),
their politicians destroyed local business and transports and agriculture.

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How did China lose 200 Trillion?

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The worthless properties were sold via Ponzi schemes with a total of about 200T.
Sadly the details are now more behind the paywall, so I can not confirm the value.

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I didn't read all of it, but one thing interested me - It's all result of climate change and lack of water. Doesn't Israel have a system where they filter salt water and use it for crops afterwards? How come we are running out of water or should I have read more? Just a thing out of my mind on the quick thought.

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Or, the great depression 2.0

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Kraft Heinz said the other day we have to get used to higher prices. Well I don't need mustard or pickles to survive so fuck you.

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market is 100% artificial and controlled. Prices are raised to the exact point they need to be so the working class can't save up.