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In a world of sanity, people trying to mandate others (but especially young people) to inject NWO poison and be locked into tyranny in perpetuity would be found guilty of treason and sentenced accordingly.

In a world of globalists "calling shots", destroying the population's youth and future while psychopath Hollywood normies with foreskin-derived cosmetics cheer as if they're the good guys, insanity is routine.

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Human delusion is a constant. It has not changed in history. Unfortunately, our technology does change. Thus, this particular expression of the age-old pattern of the deluded sociopaths playing with their deluded followers is as much more lethal and cruel as our new technology permits.

Life has always been tragic. Not sure if this is any worse? We citizens living in the west were pretty sheltered there for a few decades. That's over now.

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We could've had nice things. We still could. The US Constitution had important wisdom in it but it's nearly impossible to ward off extreme subversion long into the future. The largest oversight was an all-important one: no checks/balances that try to keep Finance out of the hands of hostile forces of small dynasties/cabals. It's as important as speech and military arms.

Little has changed except technological advancement. That's very true. Yet now for the first time in Earth's history powers have consolidated to the point of extreme global reach, owning/subverting nearly all western mainstream institutions. This will be quite the war.

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"Women most affected" - Twitter most likely.

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Women die from astrazeneca, men from Pfizer.

Astrazeneca isn't mRNA though so might be better for fertility if that's a concern.

Worth bearing in mind if you are planning on getting the jab.

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    The deep state of the US government doesn't support freedom in other countries. Transnationalists will push the mark of the beast system in every nation they can. They only support domestic and foreign "freedoms" to the extent it serves and/or enriches the globalist end game.

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    Freedomtm is a wonderful word for politicians to throw around. Watch what power-mad control freaks do. Period. Always. If our military goes into a country and kills 200,000 people, is the population of that country more free than it was? What the control freaks say has zero bearing on this question.