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    I hope normies drop the "FDA unapproved" qualifiers to their statements.

    Language that bows before the FDA is inherently foolish language.

    All that's needed is not wanting to be cattle guinea pigs and not wanting medical tyranny.

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        That second line hits hard.

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        A hungry mob is an angry mob! Absolute tyranny! People all over the globe need to stand up, unite, and throw off the yoke of tyranny! Become ungovernable. Embrace agorism. Build the black market and subvert the tyrants. There are more of us then there are of them!

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        Maybe it's time to embrace BLM tactics.

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        This is partially disinformation.

        You can read about it here in the comments:

        TL:DR - It's not a supermarket. It's a mall. This particular mall wanted visitors to show their vaccine cards on entry. The mall knew there would be a crowd of crazy people who would want to use this opportunity to protest, and thus requested extra policemen to attend. The protestors were allowed into the mall, after they filmed themselves yelling, "No to the health pass". Macron recently allowed businesses to ask for the vaccine card before entry. 99.9% of supermarkets are NOT asking for the vaccine card (see the comments). It's a propaganda post created by anti-vaxxers and anti-Macron right-wing assholes to make others think that France is in peril. It's bullshit.

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        In Europe many grocery stores are located in shopping centers, so your comment is misinformation.

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        Account for 5 hours? Why can't you use your normal account?

        I didn't say that the mall did not have a supermarket (supermarché), I said the group was not entering - in the video - a supermarket; they're entering a mall. Also, most supermarkets in France have their own main entrances that are external to the shopping centres, even if they are attached to shopping centre strips or groups.

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        Yes the account is new because I was IP banned from Reddit. So let me break it down to you, if a supermarket is inside a mall then you need to ENTER the mall to enter the supermarket. Many people in cities probably live near supermarkets which are placed inside shopping centers, so this tyrannical law cuts off their access to necessities like food.

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        If you're genuinely new, welcome to Saidit. Sorry - I thought you used an alt account, which happens often at Saidit. Feel free to introduce yourself in any of the subs, or at /s/Introductions

        If you've been to France, you'd know that you normally don't have to enter the shopping centres in order to enter the attached supermarché. If you're in Paris, you might have to enter the shopping centre first.

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        I'll give a 5 hour old credit over your perpetually nay-saying comments any day.

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        In Europe many grocery stores offer delivery, so there's no need to get angry mate.

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        Macron recently allowed businesses to ask for the vaccine card before entry.

        This is partially disinformation.

        Macron hasn't just "allowed" this, he's made it mandatory, despite hundreds of thousands of French people protesting against it.

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        This is partially disinformation.

        This is the way of the socks.

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        Why would you say that?

        The vaccine passport is required only when entering cafes and hospitals. It's not required for the supermarket, per the post.

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        Socks says, "OBEY!"

        I say, "Oi vey!"

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        Oh no shit of course, it would be one of them wouldn't it.

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        He's such a meshugganah it wouldn't surprise me if he was one of (((them))), but SJWs come in all shapes and sizes and IQs.

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        Yeah, more fake concern, phony, artificial, deceptive, divisive and most annoyingly persistent.

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        If you are new, or an alt account, you should nonetheless know the Saidit guidelines, here:

        Repeated insults add nothing to the discussions. Behave.

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        Rich coming from you.

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          the world according to socks.

          One of my favorite novels is The World According to Garp

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          A few things here (with citations).

          France has stated that a "health pass" would be required for cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement homes and social institutions, as well as for long-distance trips on flights, trains or buses (

          The health passes are required in places of 50 people or more ( To be fair however, after August 9th the 50 people requirement was removed (and no limit was specifically set).

          I find your 99.9% number questionable. Where did you find that, beside the hyper-reliable twatter comments? Also, if they are requiring to show these passes, one would logically assume that at some point, they would not allow those without the passes or else this whole thing literally serves no purpose.

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          I find your 99.9% number questionable. Where did you find that,

          It's the law.

          While the pass will be needed to get access to shopping centers, the government was careful to exclude supermarkets. This means that French citizens who have not been vaccinated and haven’t got a negative test, will still be able to shop for food.

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          Incrementalism: belief in or advocacy of change by degrees; gradualism

          Also, I highly doubt the law stipulated 99.9%.

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          I can only imagine the sheer amount of elbowing.

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          I wonder where the police cars are parked. Probably monitored though.

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          The cheese eating surrender monkeys will cave. They always do.

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          in an hour i will go shopping in france. I don't have a 'covid passport'. I wonder if I will be allowed to enter a store.

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          Here in Canada when people want to protest they have discovered that they can block bridges, roads or rail lines! To hell with people trying to get to work or a pesky ambulance! Their point needs to be heard!

          I think French citizens should take page from us and form a human chain to prevent entery or block road access to shops requiring a vaccine passport. Be sure to decentralize with 50 groups of 50 people for maximum effect! Or just get the vaccine and move on with your life.... either way...

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          Or just get the vaccine and move on with your life....

          Or just get the vaccine and prepare for your funeral....

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          Socks says, "OBEY!"

          I say, "Oi vey!"

          He must be very active lately. I can only see 13 of the comments out of 35 on this post.

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          socks cuck blocked.

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          barricades. started by the french which is why they redesigned paris with wider streets. You do have to agitate people, peacefully protesting in freedom zones is no good. That being said we should protest for legit reasons, not to let black people commit crimes and not be arrested.

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