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    Everyone is a good person while they are happy and content and not trying to get something or promote themselves. The measure of man is how he acts when he is down. What lines he won't cross. What path he chooses to get what he wants. How hard he is willing to work.

    As with all complex things with many variables the only intelligent way to judge it is in aggregate. It is stupid to say Haitians are this, that, or the other because this particular Haitians I know one did this thing. Groups should only be judged on the results of the group. Haitians should be judged as a group only on the quality of Haiti. On the quality of Haitian communities.

    If you know A Haitian and he is a good guy so you extrapolate that to all Hatians despite all the evidence to the contrary you are a stupid fuck. You are as stupid as those white women who decided to go biking through a Muslim country and ended up dead. One day you will stupidly expect other Haitians to be just like the exception and you will pay a heavy price.

    Racism is wrong when you refuse to adjust your perception of someone based on how they personally behave. Obviously not everyone lives up to stereotypes, but the majority do. And the proper way to determine what the majority are like is to look at the group as a whole.

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    Archive link why support NYT?