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Bad mothers are a plague on the earth. But if you dare criticize mothers you get shouted down with "muh' soggy knees!" I assume TPTB push that narrative because shooting out babies as fast as possible to be wageslaves and war-fodder is more important than making sure half the kids don't come out retarded, deformed and/or traumatized.

Mothers with personality disorders like borderline PD or narcissistic PD are an epidemic, they should be mass sterilized.

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Are you ok mate?

Because this article is not about bad mothers. It's about the fact that the WHO thinks women between 15 and 45 should not be allowed to drink because they would not be as effective as broodmares while having no such advice for blokes. Hence the "sexist and paternalistic" part.

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shooting out babies as fast as possible to be wageslaves and war-fodder is more important than making sure half the kids don't come out retarded, deformed and/or traumatized.

Yes, goyim, don't reproduce! White people having children are actually helping ZOG and so you are standing up to ZOG by maintaining below-replacement fertility. Save the White race through demographic genocide! Good goy!

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Its socks

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Now, now.. let's not be sexist. The WHO is ignoring the menfolk here, and sperm quality contributes to healthy, not-fucked-up babies too.

I guess they could force prohibition, since that turned out so incredibly well before.

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I am so happy that I don't drink

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That's probably good, although having alcohol like once in a blue moon when you're not doing the do unprotected probably wouldn't hurt if you did. At minimum, you'll know your sperm aren't doing cartwheels into one another like a bunch of retarded frat boys from alcohol though.

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First that's whataboutism, second nobody accuses them of misandry. In fact my spell checker still insists that's a misspelling.

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I mean, if you have links showing examples of the WHO wanting to bring attention to the limitation of a substance by men of sperm-bearing(?) years, we can talk about misandry. It's available for me with predictive text, so I don't know. Maybe the company that made the device you're using is cucked.

This is the link to the forum held, but it was by invitation only. I can't crank out the effort right this minute to try to find the actual discussion that they had, but this warrants an actual examination of that vs what this article is talking about. These fucking media companies will do whatever it takes for clicks, so framing a title in a way that makes the audience guffaw in butt rage is going to get them what they want.

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Obvious thing is obvious.

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Meanwhile they're actually being "paternalistic" by pushing that we all get vaccinated, including women of childbearing age.

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If anything these accusations, which are kinda clearly true I mean It's really puritanical, are a cover for the demonstrable fact that they are just corrupt as fuck. There really is not a major institution nor a minor one that dreams of joining the big leagues that isn't corrupt now.

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Maternalism seems more in the spectrum of health care: ["mothering" / "nannying" / "nurturing" / "healing" / "fearing" / "submissive-emotional"] that can turn into overbearing and smothering policies. At the very least it's as much if not more maternalistic to be advocating for "vaccine" experiments on the population. "Nanny states" meddle in affairs.

The voting and polling records of women vs. men in their average attitudes to freedoms and government roles highlights this loose terminology. Men are more in support of freedom and less government meddling. Women are more in support of government "protection" schemes and opening the gates to and promoting overly-submissive, overly-socializing schemes that are civilization's suicide in disguise.

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Well, by all means let 'em be liberated. Just don't come crying to this paternalistic sexist male afterward for tax supported funding to help raise your retarded fetal alcohol syndrome baby.

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This thread misses the point. They are telling all women under 40 who AREN'T pregnant that they shouldn't drink. They aren't naturally saying pregnant women shouldn't drink which is known by everyone.

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Are you saying WHO is corrupt and shouldn't be trusted? Who are you, Donald Trump?