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Something like the things that happened at Abu Grab prison in Iraq? Only one lower-ranking female NCO was punished as far as I know.

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Well knowing all the mistreatment of jews by the Nazis was why I don't have sympathy for them, think about it. If they were going to be gassed then why bother building huge camps to keep them in, the gas chambers where they were gassed, why were they destroyed. Jews have been bull shitting fools for a long time.

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The day may well come, and most likely will come, when blacks will gang up on you and brutally beat you on the street for no other reason than that you're white. Of course, the Leftist media will say something like, "Brave Fighters of Racism defeat horrible Nazi Racist!" and they'll show pictures of you being beaten bloody for no reason at all. That's what you're doing with your lies about the Israelis right now. You're calling the murderous, hate-driven Palestinians "Heroes" while treating the real victims like shit. But, of course, you won't change your mind about this until you're being beaten to death by blacks on a city street in front of people who will be cheering your murderers!

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Everyone has an opinion on things. There's this picture I saw that shows two views of a lioness carrying a lion cub. In the first view it's clear that the cub is perfectly safe and that the mother is just moving it. In the second view the cub's head seems to have disappeared down the lioness' throat and that she's trying to eat her own baby. That's two views of the same thing seen from radically different perspectives. That's the truth about all BS being said about Israel, too. No more than, say a few years ago I could bet money and win that pretty much everyone posting on Saidit was either an Israel supporter or were, at least neutral about Israel. So, what changed? Obviously, what changed was the Main Stream Media's propaganda about Israel. Before, it was "Israel good! Help Israel." Now, it's "Israel bad! Hate Israel!" Soon it will be "Israel is monster! Destroy Israel" and every non-thinking drone will jump in behind that and mindlessly follow it. The result is that assaults and murders of American Jews will radically increase just like the assaults and even murders of White Conservative men and women increased dramatically during the 2016 and 2020 elections when those well programmed drones heard their "order 66" in the form of "Orange Man Bad" and "Kill White People."

All of this proves only one thing: Voltaire was right when he said, "Those who can convince you to believe absurdities can also convince you to commit atrocities."

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Same procedure as every year? Yes.