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To know who rules you ask who you are not allowed to criticize.

Why are blasphemy laws against religion seen as bad but blasphemy laws against jews accepted?

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There are no special laws for that in the UK, and it says as much in the article. She was sentenced under the more general indency laws in the UK which criminalize "grossly offensive statements".

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It doesn't matter if there are specifically laws that name Jews as the sole beneficiaries because when the laws are used to specifically protect Jews from criticism its the same thing.

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Gross violation of the principle of proportionality.

Also, the same judge would not object to sombody offending christians or straight white males.

UK police and justice have become the laughing stock of the world. Actual criminals get away, peaceful people with a foul mouth get jailed, FOR 18 FUCKING MONTHS! If somebody belongs in prison it's the judge!

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Well the judge is probably jewish and would reward anyone attacking whites.

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Absolutely ridiculous how the legal system works in the UK. You can try to kill someone with a knife and likely be out on parole in much less time. And it's 18 FUCKING WEEKS, btw (which is 18 weeks too long for 'free speech').

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She was on a suspended sentence for the same thing, so that's why she went to jail now.

I wish the UK had similar free speech protections to the ones we enjoy in the USA, but either way it's because she was a repeat offender on a suspended sentence, not because it was holocaust denial specifically, that she went to jail for so long.

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Thanks - yes I appreciate the repeat offender problem, but forgot to mention it. Part of the problem is that she was prohibited from saying what she said. Jews have faced similar problems in the past with gag orders (going back hundreds of years), and it would seem that they would fight for this person's freedom of speech. But they're also ruining Palestinian lives in a manner that ghettoizes them just like Jewish ancestors were. I don't see her actions as inciting violence. This jail term sets a bad precedent, especially with the spread of authoritarianism.

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Yikes! I thought only violent threats could send you to jail. Now, be careful what you think then say.

she mocked Jews being fashioned into lampshades, having their heads shrunk and being turned into bars of soap.

Might as well convict every horror movie script writer too.

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The holocaust narrative used to have all that stuff and more like human-skin briefcases, but when all that got proven to be false, it was silently hushed.

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I'd like to see the citation for the original claims.

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That's how arguments work. The person making the claim has the burden of proof.

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People get jailed for research into the holohoax in Europe. It's been like this for a long time.

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    Thanks. So apparently France has full on thought crimes. Not that I'm surprised, given it's the center of leftist filth in the West.

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    It's mostly just parts of Europe, and Canada and Israel where "holocaust denial" is illegal.

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    Wait, is it illegal in Canada?

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    Not explicitly, but it's considered to fall under the "hate speech" laws. The Zundel trial is the most famous case.

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    True, he was convicted, but the story didn't end there:

    Zündel was originally found guilty by two juries but was finally acquitted upon appeal by the Supreme Court of Canada which held in 1992 that section 181 (formerly known as section 177) was a violation of the guarantee of freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Wikipedia

    In the fullness of time freedom of speech won out, and this asshole was free to spout his bullshit views, just like a lot of you fine folks are right here.

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    That decision found that "misinformation" wasn't a crime. They still criminalize "holocaust denial" as "hate speech".

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    I'm honestly okay with that, as the standard is:

    Hate speech provisions only apply to expressions that rise to the high level of “detestation” or “vilification” as previously described in R. v. Keegstra and Canada (Human Rights Commission) v. Taylor. Therefore, these provisions do not capture offensive expressions that fail to arise to “detestation” or “vilification”.

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    Unless that woman physically hurt someone I find it very scary that she is jailed for having an opinion no matter how stupid it is.

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    Agreed. Her opinion is stupid and hurtful, but it's terrifying that a stupid and hurtful opinion is criminalised. Threats? I get it. Attacking someone? Absolutely. But this?

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    Indeed. It's so disturbing. And it sets dangerous precedents for the future. People should not be jailed for ideas and thoughts. This is so so so dangerous.

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    Which holocaust?

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    the HOLLOW COST. That one.

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    I was looking up banned books on duckduckgo the other day. I discovered that there are A LOT of books that are banned on Amazon and other retailers that aim to debunk the Holocaust. This doesn't give them any validity, of course, but I do find it interesting that Amazon doesn't want you to hear the argument.

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    The judge said:

    "I’m not sentencing you on the basis that you are a Holocaust denier. I’m sentencing you on the basis that on two separate occasions whilst subject to a suspended sentence, you participated in a radio programme where you made grossly offensive comments."

    as if that's any better! Fuck off!

    The state having the power to punish you for "offensive" things you say in the "public" realm in that country is one thing. IMO podcasts are like private conversations. You can decide whether or not you listen to them. Furthermore, the article says the podcast she "offended" on is in the USA, and the social media platform she posted to is hosted in the USA. The state has power over what she says in another country. It shouldn't.

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    Labour supporter.

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    Who are being demonized for their concerns about Palestinians. It's insane that the Jewish lobby is so powerful in the UK. They're kiling democracy.

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    It's not really the Jewish lobby particularly pushing these laws in the UK.

    It suits the powerful to have them.

    It means most people can be locked up if you look through their social media hard enough which is a great thing for the establishment to have hanging over people.

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    Yes - and antisemitism is used quite often to demonize politicians, by other politicians, the news media, the Jewish lobby, and some of the conservatives here:

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    She's a piece of shit, but if she didn't incite violence, she shouldn't have gone to jail. Leave her free and call her a piece of shit, you piece of shit judge.

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    They jailed her because she's correct. The holocaust is largely a scam and the Jews that dominate every one of our institutions don't like to be criticised.

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    Am I missing something? Why is she a piece of shit for telling the truth?

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    The podcast was later promoted on a far-right social media website called 'Gab'

    Funny how everything unwoke it's far right.

    Really 18 weeks?

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    From the article.....

    Judge said he was 'not jailing her for being anti-Semitic or a Holocaust denier'

    Anti-Semitic blogger, 56, who believes 'Hitler was right' is jailed for 18 weeks for saying Jewish people use Holocaust as 'eternal cash cow'

    Hitler was right about what? That the sky was blue? Jewish influence in the overthrow of The Czar and the Bolshevik revolution?

    As for the second part, how often have you heard in movies or interviews about how persecuted the Jews are? I bet you can easily tell me how many died in WW2. How many Englishman or Americans died? Bet the answer is not know off the top of your head.

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    Yeah, it's called the 6 million pizzas fallacy.

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    Perhaps a time out is what this poor lady needs. Has she been seen by mental-health professionals? That might also be a very good idea.

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    I appreciate your point, but jail time for "grossly offensive comments" is a slippery slope that could be applied to anyone. Trump would be serving several life sentences had he been subjected to the same kind of law. He also incited violence. It's precisely because of the Holocaust that free speech like this must be allowed. We should recall Martin Niemöller's comments (German Lutheran pastor):

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a Jew. 

    This starts with the restriction of free speech, among other developments.

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    As an American, I can see your point. But Europe has had an even more troubled history with Nazis than we have. The last time Nazis ran out of control, many tears were shed. As a result, such speech is prohibited in many European countries.

    I can see both sides of it.

    This woman seems quite unwell. I am sure we all hope she gets the help she needs.

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    Nazism didn't emerge in a vacuum. It was a reaction to the exact same kind of Jewish power tripping and degeneracy-spreading that they're perpetrating in the modern West. Nazism is the self defense mechanism of the European peoples' against Jewish tyranny.

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    Yeah, you know what? You ought to go to Berlin and tell them that. Walk out of the airport and find the first policeman you can. Tell him that. He wants to know.

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    Why would I want to get arrested? Jews have made it illegal to question that narrative.

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    But the German have got to know The Truth! We are all counting on you.

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    Europe has a far more troubled history with communists. How many tens of millions dead. Yet there arent any laws on the books for holodomor or red terror denial. Communist parties arent banned.

    The obsession with Nazis is a strictly Jewish one, and their wealth and power is why it gets shoved down everyone elses throat.

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    Of course it is. Bless you.

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    In Germany didnt they sentenced a 97 year old woman to 3 years in prison for the same thing? I read she is the oldest prison inmate on earth.

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    Nazi loving bitch wants to live under fascism.

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    Oi, do you have a license for those thoughts!?

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    Scary. What she said was very offensive (and factually incorrect), but it is absolutely insane to lock her up for it.

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    it is quite difficult to balance freedom of speech and anti-faschist movement.

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    That seems to imply that a truly free market of ideas and discussions tends to favor the perspective of a "fachist" movement. Why could that be....

    Something to chew on.

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    take heart. this story is probably completely manufactured to demoralize.

    its in the daily fail.