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Wasn't the name of the transport Evergiven? I read that a lot today and unless someone is scrubbing the name I'm pretty sure this is nonsense...

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Evergreen Shipping Containers Are Known For Being Used To Traffic Children Worldwide 📸

🔍 The Cargo Carrier Makes The Shape of An Ass & Penis Before Becoming Lodged In The Suez Canal On March 23, 2021. This Is Comms For Obama + Hillary Being Fooked By What Is About To Be Exposed To The Public Regarding Human Trafficking.

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Vessel Name = EVER GIVEN = EVERGREEN Callsign = H3RC = HRC = Hillary Clinton Vessel Name = BARAKA1 = Barack Obama Vessel Name = MOSAED 2 = Mossad Vessel Name = MOSAHEB 2 = Mossad

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Not true. Nonsense. Q-anon is making people say the craziest things.

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The little gap you view the world in must be terrifying. If you do any research at all you will find many links to Evergreen and trafficking. They are going to have to take off containers to move this ship. Also note the path before the freighter moved into the strait. This feels like a white hat move. Im praying its the good guys causing this. The truth needs to get out there. Trafficking is real. The elites run a blackmail cult. With power comes great corruption. I don't know why people all of a sudden started trusting governments and the wealthiest. Neither have ever taken normal peoples lives or needs into consideration. "It's a big club, and you aint in it." George Carlin

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I'm all about destroying israel, but I don't understand why obama would be connected to any of this.