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The PTB overplayed it's hand regarding the covid scamdemic, and now they're paying the price. The wool has been lifted from the eyes of the people and they can see that they have been lied to, and manipulated.

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Unfortunately, the end of this nightmare isnt even in sight. The only thing thats changing is that people get more divided and radicalized. Panic makes people extremely selfish and reckless. The same mindset that made people hoard toilet paper is behind the COVID policies, the police brutality, and the total disregard by most people for the victims of the lockdown terror and the mask voodoo.

We are in free fall and none of us is prepared for whats coming. The disaster will develop in several stages and we are still in stage one, where people still havent realized that there wont be a quick let alone a good ending to all of this. Most people are still doing fairly well. Theyre mostly just annoyed and just want this shit sorted ASAP, and they gladly sacrifice some other dude's livelihood for this goal.

The next stage will begin when most people will feel the pain of economic loss and the lack of hope. But instead of reconsidering the insane policies they will rather look for scapegoats. Violence will become rampant, as will migration. Governments will keep becoming more fascist and more tyrannical, with the support of the majority.

This is basically a global deluge of insanity, with very few islands of sanity. Build an ark if you can.

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I agree that we are certainly headed in the direction that you describe, however I believe that the mass hysteria (brain-fog/loss of common sense) that we are now experiencing will dissolve sooner than those who assume they are in control realistically expect. The perception of the masses is being manipulated by informational warfare, but it's too hypocritical, obvious and obscene to last. I still submit that those who think they are in control jumped the shark and are now clumsily and frantically trying to hold up their charade (hence the frantic censorship, shilling and gas lightning) but it's too late. They blew their shot and people everywhere are now wide eyed to the reality before them. Karma is a bitch and the pendulum must swing both ways.

The shock to people's psyche upon waking will be brutal and more than many can handle, resulting in your predictions about insanity, instability, and violence. However, the sooner we enter that stage the better. Out of chaos comes order. We must fight to make sure that that order is organic, decentralized and pro-human. I second your statement of "building an ark." We should all be preparing to weather the storm and to help others along the way. Always remember, there are more of us than there are of them.

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however I believe that the mass hysteria (brain-fog/loss of common sense) that we are now experiencing will dissolve sooner than those who assume they are in control realistically expect.

Would you have expected last may that almost a year later people are still in full panic mode, still mislead by the same blatant fake news bullshit? Would you have expected that all serious scientists are still snubbed by the media and censored on social media?

I wish you were right but I dont see any indication that the media sheep are able to snap out of their mass stupidity by themselves. They are successfully hypnotized by the media, and I think its becoming even worse. The media will have no trouble to instigate hate and violence against "anti-maskers" and "COVID deniers". Already there are counter demonstrations wherever people protest against the lockdown lunacy in the west, usually antifa and similar agitators who call everybody a nazi, and the media are fully supporting this narrative. No doubt the pendulum will eventually swing back but I dont expect this happening anytime soon. I expect decades of continued and worsening lunacy, similar to the nazi regime in Germany or soviet regime in Russia. The only reason the nazi regime was so short was the extreme radicalism and recklessness of the nazis. Had they been as subtle and masked as do-gooders like leftists do the 3rd Reich could have lasted much longer and made a much deeper and more damaging impact to the German people and Europe. So in effect WW2, as horrible as it was, was probably preferable to the alternative because it made such short work of the lunacy, and cleared the air like a thunderstorm. This time there wont be a war, only decades of hopeless decline into ever more insanity and misery.

Id gladly change my mind but I dont see any indications that Im wrong.

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Islam loves lockdowns.. they love to hide out in the mosque.. they eat there.. they sleep there.. and muslim likes face covering..

You are so stupid for complying with any of this covid bullshit..

... and they close their churches, or make you sit six feet apart in church?

Bloody fools. Mlm

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anyone that catches covid will get long haul chronic fatigue eventually

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Had that before covid, I think that's called being an adult.

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  • Some scientist, probably

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I'm always confused to see the anti lock-down be anti-mask. Shouldn't they be pro mask and anti-lockdown? Like, pro hand washing and-anti lockdown since these are meant to reduce the spread at nearly 0 economical cost. Aside from being good looking, wearing a mask is cheap.

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Masks are really bad for the environment. So you're sayin you hate the environment?

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Point is, it would be way easier to convince the masses of no lockdown with mandatory mask than no lockdown and no mask.

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    Squack Squack....Look kids, we found MSM's lost parrot!

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      And by its vulgarity the coward reveals itself for all to see.

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        You keep proving their point. What flavor of shill are you?

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        Open sauce one

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        You getting your vaccine likely, huh? Let's see who's right, down the line of course (;

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        Enjoy your totalitarian utopia you brainwashed zombie.

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        Isn't the mask used to prevent you from spreading the virus to others? How does destroying your own mask lead to your own death when it was never intended to protect the user in the first place?

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        How does destroying your own mask lead to your own death when it was never intended to protect the user in the first place?

        They'll band together and kill you. Masks are the mark of the faithful.

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        Masks are the mark of the faithful.

        lol. I was expecting something a lot more threatening. I'm not scared. If a mob shows up on my doorstep I'll call the police, blast the Doom music from my living room speakers, and patiently wait for my door to be kicked in. Best part of working from home is the lack of "Peaceful" protesters trying to throw themselves under my tires.

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        Call the police?

        Witchery is a crime. Not wearing a mask isn't a crime. Yet. In America.

        But even if the police can't arrest you, someone may order them to ignore your calls. Or to stay there and watch until they can justify shooting you.

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        Witchery is a crime.

        Depends on the county. There are still some backwater places in America that are still dangerous to practice specific faiths in. Most of the country is sane enough to know there's nothing to be legally done about it.

        But even if the police can't arrest you, someone may order them to ignore your calls.

        In my state that's one fun scenario: Zombie target practice. If the door is kicked in it's open season.

        Or to stay there and watch until they can justify shooting you.

        Can't even hold your own gun, in front of your own window, inside of your own house if the mob outside can see you. It's crazy how much of the world has snapped in under a year. Worst case scenario would be getting arrested for no reason, being led out of my house handcuffed, and then being beaten to death by the peaceful protesters outside while the cops watch. Don't have a solution to that problem other than pepper spray lawn sprinklers and hoping for a merciful judge to give me less than 8 years. That's all assuming my neighbor doesn't "accidentally" loose control of his 100+ several hundred pound animals to come rushing onto my property. Be a wild ride on the front of the news paper. lol

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        says the guy who entrusts his life and his future and the future of his whole country to fucking journalists and politicians of all people.

        How retarded and tired of living do you have to be to confuse journalists with scientists, and politicans with doctors?

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        The good masks are made of polypropylene. Don’t burn those. Or at least avoid breathing the fumes. You should wear a mask while burning your mask.

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        Well - I don't agree, but much better "burn your masks" than "burn down Portland".