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Unbelievable. Saudi Arabia is stuck in the middle ages, yet the US sends them so much money and equipment, and buys all their oil. Yet the US media is always calling out American people for not being progressive enough, but why is the government so rarely called out on this actual financial and military support?

Because the military-industrial-banking complex owns the US media.

This world really makes me sad sometimes. Every layer of power is rife with hypocrisy and abuse. Will people wake up? Or will everyone wait until it personally bites them in the ass before they change their behavior, like usual?

This Earth is just ridiculous sometimes. I find myself in a state of constant shock that the actual functioning of the world is so out of whack with the narratives that are presented, and even more shocked at how few people realize it, and how even fewer will take any action or say anything whatsoever on that realization. It's like... is everyone asleep? Or afraid? or just placated through learned helplessness in to this slowly-worsening status quo, decade by decade?

I feel kind of disappointed by humanity lately. But I guess that's just a result of having too high of expectations in the first place. So I'll just revise those expectations down, again and again.

The worst are the people who do damage while thinking they're morally righteous. There are so many of those attitudes around lately. That attitude is exactly how wars start where millions die. Because people can't just step back and think maybe they're not the moral center of the universe, and that everything they're doing isn't justified, automatically, just because they're so righteous. Millions of people have and will literally go to their graves by their own doing because of this egoistic unevolved attitude, and take many innocents with them. The way some people behave and think is a complete joke, and I wish people would improve. But I can't force them, and I don't know what would. I guess another WW2 would sober people up, but I wouldn't wish that at all, because all the unwanted violence aside, obviously the effects wear off after just a few generations anyway.

Will humanity ever learn our lesson?

Ugh, rant over. Glad to get that out of my system. At least I said it :)

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The one great thing about runaway global warming is that this barbaric shithole country will be uninhabitable before too long.