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Find out who's been delivering the brick pallets.

...also, find out who killed Epstein.

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find out who killed Epstein.

Well, the least we can say is that Epstein isn't a suspect ;)

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We don't know he's dead.

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Don't worry guys the deep state is investigating itself. This will all get sorted shortly.

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DOJ has launched an investigation?! Stand back everyone, something might happen in a year or two.

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Fair point. I am surprised they're publicly investigating this angle at all though, tbh. Usually they just ignore stuff like that entirely, or at least that's what it looks like to the public

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Agreed. It seems that subjecting something to a "DOJ investigation" is a way of allowing DOJ to control the narrative using leaks and spin, over the period of the investigation and ultimately coming up with nothing much the average citizen can understand. It is a way of burying, smothering a hot topic like this. I think all of us could make short lists of who is orchestrating the riots and our lists would be amazingly similar and pretty accurate. Now the control mechanism extends down to the state and local level where the governors, mayors and police departments are also in on the act.

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DOJ: It was General Flynn.

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Reports stating pallets of bricks are showing up at riot sites. Okay, where's the CCTV footage showing how it got there? The $2 trillion Cares Act, passed in Late March authorized $850 million to purchase riot gear. Because of the pandemic lock-down we have to plan for a riot that (((organically))) happened in the name of police brutality of a man that will be sadly/mostly forgotten in future news cycles.