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Finally some good news.

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Any use of the word "tranny" is disgraceful and socially backwards, indicative of truly low and degenerate culture.

Anyone threatened by people who prefer to identify as a different gender are probably uncomfortable about their own backroom secrets, or just cops trying to stir subculture wars.

That a country like Hungary is choosing this during their time traveling backwards 50 years for the best authoritarianism 1936 can offer, is not surprising.

That a site like saidit is shaming itself with such garbage is sad.

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You can support the freedom for people to live how they choose (dressing how they want, taking drugs, getting surgeries etc), while also supporting the freedom of others to use words how they choose. (edit: maybe this is a strawman. you're not suggesting that people be prohibited from being rude, just that it's not very nice, which is fair I guess. Rude words on the internet is fun IMO)

Regarding "legal recognition", i don't know what this entails. In a "modern" society, I though the idea was supposed to be that the sexes have equality under the law, so why should "legal recognition" matter? I suspect that "legal recognition" in this context might include the right to force others to ascribe to your beliefs.

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dick and balls? you're a dude.

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Chop 'em off, if your serious.

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removing your testes makes you a man who has removed his testes. it is not related to being a woman.

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I don't disagree.

However, it is undeniable proof of 100% commitment, so it shouldn't be ignored.

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Well then we should all show our dicks and balls all of the time so no one can mistake anything.

And we should make prosthetics illegal and masks illegal, and also dramatic acting illegal, because all pretending is morally wrong and has no place in our totally honest society.

Someone who has no biological left arm, can pretend to have one. Someone who is biologically short can wear lifts in their shoes. Someone who is biologically not winston churchill can play winston churchill in a movie. Someone who has a biological dick and balls can pretend they do not have a biological dick and balls.

A "witch hunt" is where a backwards authoritarian society reinforces their ingroup status like nazis at the nuremburg rally by going after all of the non-conforming elements of their society one by one, and first to go area always those who do not feel comfortable in their gender, as this is seen as somehow de-masculinizing the militarized elements of society by osmosis, or some other magical thinking.

Followed closely by highly intelligent people who discuss alternative forms of social organization and spirituality, or those who are simply disliked by the dominant cultural hegemony.

Almost always these witch hunts distract from the fact that the authoritarians are kidnapping and abusing children and pre-pubescent females, as well as cheating at elections, and poisoning everyone with pollution, etc.

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we don't put pretend identities on birth certificates and create legal fictions around them and protect people who abuse others who treat the pretending like it's pretend, ffs.

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A corporation is a legal fiction, every business is a legal fiction.

Men do not wear their wedding rings sometimes, if I wanted to go around policing these people and kicking the shit out of them, would you approve that?

I would just be enforcing what is on their identification documentation, right?

And then would you protect me as I abuse others who pretend their pretending is real?

But really you should begin to see that your semantical gymnastics does not defend you from the accusation that you are a bully, beating up defensless and oppressed people, for absurd, self-serving, reactionary reasons grounded in your own delusions and insecurities.

There is not a movement of trans people taking over hungary, there is an authoritarian dictatorship taking over hungary, and they are manipulating you into giving away your rights while you chant for ru pauls blood like a monkey.

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you are a bully

for absurd, self-serving, reactionary reasons grounded in your own delusions and insecurities

like a monkey

level of comment this is in reply to: counter-argument

level this comment: counter-argument + ad hominem + name-calling

/u/d3rr /u/magnora7

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a man can never pass for a woman even if you cut off the dick and balls. You want to be a woman cuz their lives are easier but it just will never happen. It grosses us out.

A woman can pass as a beta male but then they regret it cuz they find their lives are harder.

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Are you a caveman? I get a strong "I just learned how to walk on two legs" vibe from you.

These views are classic patriarchal lies, women do not have it easier, men do pass for women quite often and quite well in many situations. No one changes gender for "an easier life." Some men are not grossed out by trans women, you cannot speak for everyone. Biological women have passed for "alpha" men even if it is somewhat rare.

It is difficult and tedius to educate someone who just arrived in 2020 from prehistorical times, do I get paid for this? How can one person believe so many wrong things at once? Don't answer, I don't care, it is not my job to determine the causes of ignorance.

You do know trans people are not attacking you in any way and that in the last few years we have learned there is a global network of rich pedophiles getting away with it, right? Actual children being abused systematically, repressed in the media, in almost every country, and you are trying to lead some witch hunt against maybe 10 cross dressers in your city who at best want to have a single bar where they lip sync to classic diva music?

Rethink your life.

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"Are you a caveman? I get a strong "I just learned how to walk on two legs" vibe from you. "

stopped reading here. blocked.

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They can dish it out but they can't take it.

You should have stuck to the pyramid of debate before you went and got your feelings so badly hurt while you were advocating and enabling paramilitary violence against a tiny minority that poses no threat to you. debate pyramid

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level of parent comment: contradiction

level of this comment: name-calling

/u/magnora7 /u/d3rr

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I see a lot more substantive argument than just "name calling". Grow some thicker skin and learn to argue your point.

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Are you the guy I argued with on NAB? Please see my other comment I just made to you, maybe it helps clear things up a bit.

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This comment only confuses me more, as the above is an example of pyramid-lowering in user-user interaction solely within the comments on SaidIt.

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The old silence objectors by accusing objectors of reverse degeneracy trick again? None of this is true.

Why can't you celebrate and respect their culture? Lol.

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Yes I am saying why can't you respect another culture that has no effect on your own? Were you being assaulted by "trannies" and forced to wear dresses? I doubt it.

You are being manipulative and putting words in my mouth though, I did not say you have to celebrate their culture, although you should to some extent, given all that trans people have been through, with the murders, harassment, torture, etc they have been through.

Your entire argument hinges on your ability to conflate celebration with respect, when no one is saying you have to go to their parade, you can even protest their parade with a sign, but once you start to throw tomatoes and say they aren't real people, you cross a line into disrespect that is uncivil, offensive, and the end of your culture. Once a culture is a monoculture, it is over, it turns into a monster and cant change.

All culture relies on subculture for progress, and if one culture destroys and attacks all other subcultures, that culture and nation will regress, become backwards, and get worse for everybody. In this regard, "trannies" are a canary in the coal mine for society threatened by regressive, reactionary, weak-minded leadership elements, who are in every case distracting you from something else, probably the theft of the treasury, and their own far sicker habits.

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male people involved in the so-called "trans-gender" scene are more likely to be criminals than to be victims.

if you don't like abuse, what do you think is the appropriate restitution for all the people who've been abused by so-called "trans-gender" activists?

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    According to this, your response to my ideas is at the very bottom of the hierarchy of intellectual responses.

    So I fully expect those who wish they could time travel backwards a hundred years to fling their turds at my updated 2020 thinking, thank you for illustrating these concepts for everyone to see.

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    I really wish SaidIt would either get rid of its pyramid of debate claim or start actually enforcing it.

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    Well said, maybe we could be friends, sorry to see you go, deleted....

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    Sure, faggot degenerate.

    [–]jmichaelhudsondotnet 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child) debate pyramid

    You should look up that word degenerate, it is literally what you are doing and the opposite of what I am doing.

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    You should stop being a fag.

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    Mrhudson, I can appreciate your angle, however it's very common for people to create colloquial expressions for groups. By the act thereof it's not necessarily done as a pejorative or for mal-intent.

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    But it very much is used offensively in this case, as the "trannies" outgroup status is being reinforced in an article that attempt to look like journalism.

    So you are right there are ways you could say tranny that would not be offensive, but the use here I am criticizing is not even close to one of them.

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    this is an example of either gaslighting or enabling.

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    Agree on the first sentence.

    But not the rest. "gender," "sex," -- these are just words for categories. "Identifying" as a category you don't belong to isn't some noble struggle to be one's true self, it's a false self, and a deceit to others.

    The so-called "trans-gender" movement has been profoundly abusive of anyone who has been unwilling to comply. I hope this will be recognized for what it is and brought to account in years to come. It has also been profoundly abusive of people who feel any discomfort with sex-based expectations. Frequently had people try to recruit me online with very little info, "hey you sound like you might be trans". Creepy, abusive, needs to be recognized and treated as that like any other form of grooming and exploitation is.

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    [–]jmichaelhudsondotnet 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) debate pyramid

    Its odd, your butt buddy blocked me for calling him a caveman but then you go and do this, how am I going to emotionally handle it?

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    level of parent comment: name-calling (lots of negative adjectives but no substantial argument for why they apply, just statements)

    level of this comment: name-calling

    surprising, but I don't think this comment is pyramid-lowering.

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    I don't really see how this does anything bad for people who want to deceive others about their sex. They can still dress however they like and take whatever hormones they want, they just can't lie about doing that.

    I have to say though I don't appreciate OP's "trannies," lends a lack of credence to the position.

    A lot of these people have genuinely been lead to believe by people who were supposed to be authorities that this is the right thing for them. We can't just abandon them. Stuff should be put in place to help people come to terms with the reality as we understand it now -- it was a mistake, but they're still our people and we owe it to them not to just abandon them now that transitioning isn't cool anymore.

    As an aside, not enough masks in that parliament.

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    This kinda sucks. And if you guys think gender is the same as sex at birth, why do you think it's not OK for men to be dressed like women? Because it's not "masculine"? But how does it matter, they still have dicks! But they look like a women!!!! So let them identify as a women.

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    It's actually great! There are only two genders. Anything else is a medical deformity or mental illness.

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    So don't you have any problems with men dressing as women and women dressing and acting as men +

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    Not as long as they're prepared for ridicule.

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    Transgender people have gender dysphoria, it's a medical diagnosis. Facts don't care about your fellings. It doesn't matter if you don't want to accept facts because it's against your view of "traditional values" that boys have to wear blue and girls pink, even tho its just fashion.

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      Triggered? Anyway it's lowering of the pyramide of debate so I'll gonna report you

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      Lol. Fag.