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Lol this guy says they're falling "due to communism" but it's really falling due to the fact owning a farm and being white can get you killed in South Africa. I imagine that affects the demand for farmland in the country, which in turn affects the price.

I guess you can attribute that to "communism" but it seems more of an effect of race-based authoritarianism

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its the commies that are doing the killings!

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Seems more like racists than commies. Do you have a link?

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the tripartite alliance:

they are all commies

and the guerilla arm:

of which jacob zuma is also a prominent member

but racism is used as well as a catch all 'ideology' for the bantus that are not into communism for sure

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The ANC is democratic socialist, not communist, by the looks of it. But the other two definitely are communist. Interesting, thanks for the additional info.

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oh, and i always like to remind people, that nelson mandela was a knight of malta.