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Man people on reddit were pissed about this. Like some people were calling for a troop assault to destabilize russia. So ridiculous to kill potentially millions over 2 people. Some people are so short-sighted. I also have to wonder if some of those "people" advocating for war are actually bots or shills working for the military-industrial complex. "Native advertising" is pretty cheap PR, after all.

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Well it's not the first time Something like this (last time it was polonium poisoning) happens. I mean These kind of attacks are very brutal (like the two English people who got poisoned later accidentally. It's Chemical warfare.

I can understand the anger that nothing is being done. Thinking about the attacks on Iraq in 2003 this would be a more than legit reason to take out the perpetrators.

I don't like war and this all are war acts... It's hard to see where this will go.

But probably nowhere