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Because the values belong to white people and the power is in the hands of (((other))) people.

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Because the values belong to white people

Not really.

The "(((other))) people" had long acquired key positions of influence by the time those values were formulated (the Graeco-Roman period at the soonest -- aside from the fact neither Greeks nor Italians are really considered "White" by today's standards anyway).

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Everything you said is wrong. Let's start with:

neither Greeks nor Italians are really considered "White" by today's standards anyway).

That literally couldn't be more wrong. Historically people were nationalistic and race wasn't a thing. Historically other white people did not consider Italian's as part of the superior western european group. There is no modern standard that would consider them non white. There are no affirmative action programs they qualify for as POC.

Naturally one can trace back (((their))) subversion to nefarious acts throughout history but it is not until central banking that their power truly became what it is today. But, given that they wield that power to destroy these ideals, one can not claim that they share an affinity for them.

And it is only white people who are fighting (((thier))) destruction of these ideals.

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Caitlin is a political alt. Grifter and Assange was thanked by Netanyahu.

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Guilt by association?

Assange exposed the crimes of those who escaped justice by corrupting our societies. He is a martyr and proof that incredible injustice still happens here and the media is complicit.

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He's not a martyr.

He got accused of rape and hid in a cupboard.

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The accusation was nothing more than an excuse to arrest him so he could be extradited to the US to be tortured by the deep state. Literally everyone knows this you fucking shill.

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Nope. The accusations were legit as per Swedish law, the women didn't even want to take it forward themselves.

What the estate wanted to use that charge for is a different matter.

Maybe you should look into things yourself rather than just going along with what everyone thinks they know.

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But thinks 9/11 isn't important. Assamge, if he is in jail, is just another intelligence asset. I always wondered why the largest amount of documents released from wikileaks was on Iran.