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I don't think Assange or Snowden will get a pardon. But I would love to be wrong.

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Trump only pardons criminals.

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I mean, he pardons criminals, then maybe Snowden has a chance.

Assange maybe has half a chance since those DNC leaks helped Trump, who knows. Still not likely, though.

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Same schizophrenics who always whine about big government control/surveillance are calling a guy who exposed large scale government surveillance a criminal and a traitor.

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I'm with you there all the way.

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Yes, trump is an egomaniac that's the undeniable fact

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But isn't Assange a bit of a Prima Donna himself? I still don't know why he didn't pardon them years ago and even give them jobs. SMH.

They should get to come home.

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So remind me again, what actually changed in the world due the Wikileaks revelations, aside for a lot of extra traffic on a few internet forums? I hate to burst a bubble but this sort of thing is meaningless at this stage in the game. The 911 truth movement, the Iraq war truth revelations, the CIA contra exposure...

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Well.. a lot of people are now unable to say that certain things are just "crazy" conspiracy theory. However they are just as able to not care an iota for justice and to come out and say exactly that. I guess many of us thought the light of truth would have pushed more dragging feet than it actually did.

Which was a fair assumption. People use to be more concerned about the judgement of their peers. The times have changed.

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Yes, times have changed alright. I think when a population gets to a certain size action taken by it becomes ineffectual because the leaders [perpetrators] are so far removed from the people. Also personal moral corruption defeats people's ability to stand up for what is just. The successive US governments didn't start the practice of insane repression and overt illegal acts of war, it's as old as time itself. Nor is the practice of decrying it new, Plenty of people are on record from Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia, The British Empire and back in the Roman days decrying acts of their governments.

The point to be learnt from all those examples and the current ones I believe is that it's pointless to fight the system. Many will argue that but they of course are not actually "Fighting the system" in any meaningful way, they are just talking about it, and I have no interest in engaging in cheap talk, of delusions of personal power. I find my time is better spent scamming the government and keeping myself off it's radar. Which is basically what they do. Scam the populace and try to keep their acts hidden.

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the electoral college started cuz the founding fathers figured people voting in each state wouldn't know who the people who likel come from a different state were so wouldn't know who to vote for, which makes sense. Now we have internet and news media telling us who people like trump and biden are but they lie so is it any better?

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I never trusted any politician after my twenties and the destruction of our trade unions, by a former union representative prime minister. They are all on the take one way or another.

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I 1000% agree... but I'm not going to lie.. The gullibility of the masses always ends up surprising me. Probably says more about me than it does them. I should know better by now.

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I should know better by now.

Well i don't know... It took me 10 years to give up on the average useless eater and another 5 to give up on my friends, the ones that claimed to be anti-system but who lived their lives like it was 1999. Mountains of debt, glued to the TV set, voting in all the elections, all the typical workerBee behavior. When I read these stories about millions falling into poverty it's hard to be moved by their plight because I know it's a direct result of their lifestyle in many cases. In the good times these are the people cutting you off in traffic with their brand new cars and blocking the footpaths at coffee shops. When they end up on the bones of their arse I sort of feel a sense of rightness about it all.

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Unfortunately the societies that we live in affect us as well.

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Yes indeed, and you can't live in a vacuum.

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Well for a start, far more people are aware of people like you and your tactics. That's a very good thing.

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Yes, people like me who like to think for myself and not follow any herd. And my tactics, to encourage others to think for themselves. Beautiful.users thought about it and raised some good points, and I concede they are right. You just stuck to your script. Enjoy your bunker.

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Well, the young, indipendant, investigative, millennial journalists saw a rise in viewers and supporters. The podesta are still receiving hate mail and midnight phone calls to this day. His wife answers and apologizes for him. And I'm pretty sure it cost H.Clinton the presidential seat. I know I myself did an abrupt 180, and a lot of people I knew as well. Also, to my personal experience, it was a catalyst that caused a lot of people to buy guns, start shooting regularly, having weekend warrior drills, grow and process their own food, homeschool their kids and join their local militias. The militia thing didn't always jive with a couple "pods", so they kinda started their own thing... Let's see, oh yeah! Awarness of CIA activity massively increased, as well as cold war history and tactics. Real eye opener! Of course nobody's reporting on this stuff, but that's what I saw happen. It's all sloshing around now in this dramatic pandemic pause we're currently having.

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yeah it's not reported much but militia's grew a lot the last 4 years, one reason for the plandemic was to stop people meeting up for that.

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Good points, yes some things did change. And I will admit that every roadblock put in the way of the deep-state or whatever we choose to call it, slows the process down. A pardon would be in line with trumps election promise of 'draining the swamp'

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Basically that the truth about certain crimes certain people in certain nations did became public. Then they couldn't cover it up, so they silenced media about it and tried punishing the whistle blowers.

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Small changes, but yes, important. If only you could get million people camp outs in DC like the Indians are doing now, you might see some big changes. Lets see what the Indian farmers achieve.

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People know the US military was murdering journalists. Didn't stop them or change their behaviour. Few year later under Obama, they bombed a doctors without borders post, murdering several western doctors. "helping the enemy".

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But if an Iraq puppy is flung off a cliff, National Outrage! What a sick culture.


U.S. Marine who 'hurled puppy over cliff' is bombarded with death threats The 22-year-old Marine has become a figure of hate after the graphic video of him abusing a dog was posted on YouTube. Police have been stationed outside the home of the lance corporal who is said to be involved in the sickening footage.

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deep state donald has formally laughed his ass off

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lol this is high on orange man's priority list (not)