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No mention of Freemasonry or Zionism at all? I dunno about this chart...

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Same. I've just been rummaging through my gargantuan folder of occultist files. I'm way short of a good number of pics but I got thousands of PDFs in case we're in lockdown and need to pass the stir.

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In my understanding, the "Illuminati" is a club that Freemasons have the potential to join after they've achieved level 33.

I kind of get the feeling all the witchcraft and satanist stuff is just to throw people off the trail, but I could be wrong. The chart definitely includes a lot of organizations I haven't heard of. It'd just be so much more convincing if it at least acknowledged freemasonry though, because that's the core foundation of the Illuminati.

Anyway, still interesting, thanks for posting!

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You know, I might be tripping but I have a feeling this was meant to be a gif that spun around now that I think about it.

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Ha not sure, but if you happen to find the rotating version definitely post it!