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Look at what OP said. "I guess making them think about serious issues during mindless entertainment is too much for them to handle?"

That's a hot dog in your salad.

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He takes a knee during the national anthem.. a time when we take a moment to remember how great our country is... it is a very relevant time to kneel if you are upset at the inaction of our leaders. It is such a non issue, if you don’t care about police misconduct and just want your patriotic song to mindlessly remind u how great we are then you might be part of the problem.

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Yeah there is plenty of misconduct that someone could care about (not just the police either). Nobody is obligated to care about all of it or even any of it.

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I never once said anyone was obligated, but to actively be against it like many were and still are, is a a completely different matter.

And frankly being actively against it screams political bias, it was never about “lEavE MuH fooTBalL alonE”