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Why didn't the Human Tattoo Sampler raise a stink in 2014 or 2015? You know, when Eric Garner and Ferguson happened? Why did he wait until he was warming the bench to get "woke"?

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Somehow some people are more bothered by this guy taking a knee than they are about the police killings - I guess making them think about serious issues during mindless entertainment is too much for them to handle??

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I dunno, I kind of get it. It's like you go to a restaurant and you order a salad. When the waiter brings it out, it has a hot dog in it. So your like why the hot dog? And the waiter says it's important to him to have a hot dog in the salad. So you're like, ok but I don't want the hot dog, I just want the salad. Then the waiter calls you a racist and tries to assault you.

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Hmm, so in ur analogy, salad is football, and the hotdog is Kaepernick kneeling. I don’t see how that translates back to football, Kaepernick didn’t kneel during the game, so he didn’t kneel in ur “salad”, but if we went with a strict interpretation of ur analogy, that’s what u would be implying. IML dude before u was correct, the kneeling was meant to bring attention to police misconduct, and anyone who didn’t have a narrative to spin could see that. But people tried hard to make it all about Kaepernick kneeling and ruining football, and they succeeded, Kaepernick was made to stop by the NFL IIRC.

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Look at what OP said. "I guess making them think about serious issues during mindless entertainment is too much for them to handle?"

That's a hot dog in your salad.

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He takes a knee during the national anthem.. a time when we take a moment to remember how great our country is... it is a very relevant time to kneel if you are upset at the inaction of our leaders. It is such a non issue, if you don’t care about police misconduct and just want your patriotic song to mindlessly remind u how great we are then you might be part of the problem.

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Yeah there is plenty of misconduct that someone could care about (not just the police either). Nobody is obligated to care about all of it or even any of it.

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I never once said anyone was obligated, but to actively be against it like many were and still are, is a a completely different matter.

And frankly being actively against it screams political bias, it was never about “lEavE MuH fooTBalL alonE”