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A deputy commander from the Ukrainian Army 92nd Assault Brigade’s drone battalion was among the sources to observe: “We’re losing the electronic warfare fight… One day before the attacks, it just shut down. It became super, super slow.” “We needed to be to be fast in communicating,” another drone operator said, lamenting that the loss of Starlink connectivity “made everything more complicated” and “time consuming.” The New York Times concluded that if disruption of Starlink by Russian forces“continue to succeed, it could mark a tactical shift in the conflict, highlighting Ukraine’s vulnerability and dependence on the service provided by Mr. Musk’s company.” This also raised “broader questions about Starlink’s reliability against a technically sophisticated adversary.” With the Russian Armed Forces cooperating closely with China, North Korea and other Western Bloc adversaries, it is expected that this valuable knowhow will be proliferated.

It's interesting that Western propaganda is now forced to acknowledge the reality of war.