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From the looks of it they intend to be stubborn.

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Sure, as soon as saidit gets dark mode

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It's there in my preferences...

What it needs though, is RES (SES?)

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Wow I'm dumb. Night mode is the default. Agree about RES. It should 'just work'

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I'd argue that it is almost certainly going to happen eventually. WOTB will eventually go the way of theDonald and Chapo as Reddit tries to appeal to the same advertisers that fund the rest of the MSM narrative in preparation for the 2024 and the pending IPO.

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Hopefully it won't come to that, getting almost 90k members to migrate to a new platform, even one like this one with such a similar UI, would be a nightmare. But only time will tell and it's always good to have a backup plan.

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In case you still want to read Reddit without feeling so tainted by the official app, Redreader is one third-party app that will be exempted once the hammer comes down on the others. That said, I'd prefer if Reddit just dies out and all the different communities split into the various independent forums, kinda like how the internet used to be. Too much centralization is bad.

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A lot of people going to different sites already.

But I've watched the Chan wars occur and people sure are using Mastodon and other things.

Honestly, I think the current giants are just stabbing themselves in the foot.

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If they do, we get to be the new underground here!