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Leftist article where Islamophobia (convert or kill non-believers) and anti-Semitic (Jews control world finance, media, and manipulate the US Congress) posts can equal sharing facts about all semites. The hate part should be banned. The truth needs to be told, and told again. Truth is not hateful in any way.

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Muhhamed the ape raped a 9 year old girl called Aisha

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TLDR: because Reddit is not using precrime detection to pre-emptively ban subreddits which will turn into "hate subreddits".

Not a single mention of bad actors vs. sub communities as a whole.

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I created an account just to say hate communities should exist. Love communities exist. Hate communities should exist too. All this talk of hate speech is a scary slippery slope. And there are plenty of hate communities from all kinds of perspectives, not just “alt-right”.

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That is one tone deaf article.

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Nithyanand thinks that he and his colleagues’ findings strongly indicates that Reddit needs to radically reform its moderation of hateful content, from the application of its policies to the tools that it is using by incorporating more machine learning and A.I. to assist human moderators spot and handle content potentially in violation of the platforms’ rules.

They haven't yet learned anything from Tw & Fb? #1 reason they can't deal with this is because they have an obvious bias which means they often infringe on freespeech which makes people want to fight back. The more they try and control information, the more people will want to fight back or will just go somewhere else. I'm pretty sure no one likes to be censored based on context (or lack thereof in some cases whenever it's convenient of course), which is a new thing. Censorship used to be a list of words, now it has become banning your intentions, so they try and read hard into this and obviously fail.

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Don't AI and machine learning end up targeting "minorities and women" more?? The so called "targets of hatred".

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No such thing as AI, it's not learning anything, just following an algorithm, and saying it learns is very loose, more like trial and error and it can't even tell why something worked, so it's more like a calculator than AI. Instead of inputting every equation into a calculator, you program a script to do it for you, then that is known as AI, in reality it has no intelligence at all. Until they evolve an "AI" to make it's own script it's just a computer.

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anyone against "hate" is against the hatred of child rape.

ppl so braindead that shit like "dur hate bad" resonates with them are trash and responsible ppl can't listen to them. it enables the child rapists that want to use "dur hate bad" to build out the legal and tech infrastructure for censorship to keep their crimes hidden.