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I started and modded that sub. I monitored every post. Anything that was promoting violence, post or comment, was removed immediately. I was never even given a warning that the sub was 'promoting violence'. Then out of nowhere as our sub was growing rapidly. From 500 subs to 1k and almost hitting 2k in a matter of weeks it was banned without warning. I've reestablish that sub here on saidit.


Another sub mentioned in that list is r/200acres (saidit clone here: It's in the 'promoting hate' category. I really enjoyed that sub and read almost every post and comment. It was literally just a homesteading sub. We talked about chickens, buying land, ranching, gardening, fermenting, etc. Obviously the users were pro europeans but the sub stayed away from most politics and only occasionally got into ethnostate discussions and creating Amish type communities. Where's the 'hate' in that? Reddit is so full of shit and I'm glad I got removed from that hypocritical, degenerate, satanic run hellhole.

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The banning of these subs :


is what really drove home to me what an awful, corrupt place reddit had become / has always been

I'm not sure if I ever even commented in r/GenderCritical but I was a reader for a period of time and found it a very informative and well run sub. And, unusually for reddit, seemed to populated by a majority of female redditors. I've always been aware of how male dominated and sexist reddit is, so the banning of such a 'female refuge' really rankled.

I think keeping a distinction between ordinary sexism against women and outright misogyny is important (too much ordinary sexism gets labeled as misogyny, in my opinion) but there are very, very clear misogynistic elements to the 'trans' (gender ideology) movement, and a sub that pointed these out got shut down by reddit admins, a decision which dammed them for all time, in my view, as being on the side of some absolutely vile elements.

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You only noticed how bad Reddit was when it started to affect YOU as a woman. Which is typical for women; nothing matters until they're affected. (You probably think I'm an "ordinary sexist," but at least I'm not a misogynist.) Yeah, all that trans shit was all copacetic with liberal women until YOU all started losing sports scholarships and getting cancelled by the troons in 2020/2021. Only NOW is it a problem. Literally the South Park "Strong Woman" meme in real life. Welcome to The Wrong Side of History, Birthing Person!


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My friend (prior mod who deleted her account) created/modded some of those that were banned for "promoting hate". Here's her post on Reddit when they got banned. I'll reply to my own comment with a copy of the text so you don't have to go back to the hellscape, and this comment doesn't turn into a wall.

Something that's funny is that her main account has now been permanently suspended by Reddit, but not her alt account sharing there. That alt account was very clearly tied to her. Although it was only used for testing CSS/Automoderator/etc for us, she never tried to hide that it was her or bother wiping browser fingerprinting or anything like that. She could technically get back on Reddit and shit the place up with it if she were so inclined, lol

Anyway, here is also an explanation of a couple subs that I co-modded with her or had on my own:

  • r/AntiTrans: public. Used to be a Gender Critical sub, and my friend requested it and recreated it as an FAQ sub instead. It was restricted so only she and I could post, although only she did. No archives that I can find, but it had a couple posts that were Q&A style, and directed people to all sorts of different types of subs, including LGBTQ+-friendly. The sub just sat there not doing much of anything.
  • r/Anti_Trans: Used to be a GC sub. Friend requested it, privated it, and redirected to r/AntiTrans. EDIT: I think this may have been a sub we used to play with CSS and Automoderator in for a wide variety of subs we all had. I know there was one that she and I and another co-mod used to use for that, pretty sure it was this one.
  • r/GetTheLOut: public, created on behalf of the activist group until they came to Reddit. Reestablished here on SaidIt.
  • r/LGBDropTheT: public, no explanation needed. Reestablished here on SaidIt. Our private mod sub on Reddit is still not banned though, which is odd. I might be the only mod left with an account though, lol
  • r/TrueGayMen: similar to r/TrueLesbians, but very slow and sleepy. Here's the last archive I had of the front page:

I'm still squatting on a couple private subs on Reddit at the moment, waiting to see if Admins ever notice. One redirects to a sub that recently lost its mods, so I'll probably update it. All the rest redirect to SaidIt ;)

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Here's her notes about 23 subs getting banned all at the same time:

  • r/Critical_Trans: public sub. Received from r/redditrequest over a year ago. Had messaging along the lines of "diversity of thought and critique is hate speech and deters advertisers, go find GenderCritical on SaidIt". There was zero content, no posts or comments. IIRC, it still had a few subscribers from the original days of creation, but I was the only moderator and the sub was restricted.
  • r/Trans_Critical: same

  • r/LGBAlliance: private sub I created. Had messaging along the lines of "being held for LGB Alliance officially, please send a message to mods with evidence". The only activity is that I was fiddling with banner/CSS/design to get things ready for if or whenever LGB Alliance came to Reddit and wanted to take over the sub. Zero content, no posts or comments. IIRC, I added one approved user several months ago, to help me with the banner. I was the only mod and subscriber though.
  • r/LGB_Alliance: private sub I created. Had messaging directing users to r/LGBAlliance
  • r/LGB_Alliance_UK: same
  • r/LGBAlliance_UK: same
  • r/LGBAllianceUK: same
  • r/Alliance_LGB: same
  • r/Alliance_LGB_UK: same
  • r/Alliance_LGBUK: same
  • r/AllianceLGB_UK: same

  • r/LGBwithouttheT: private sub I created. Had messaging along the lines of "homosexuality is hate speech and deters advertisers, go find LGBDropTheT on SaidIt". Zero content, no posts or comments, I was the only subscriber and moderator.
  • r/LGBTDropTheT: same
  • r/LGBDropTheTQ: same
  • r/LGBDropTheTea: same
  • r/LGBDropT: same
  • r/GLBDropTheT: same
  • r/LBGDropTheT: same
  • r/DropTheTQ: same
  • r/DropTheAlphabet: same
  • r/GetTheTOut: same

  • r/transphobe: private sub. Zero content, no posts or comments, I was the only subscriber and moderator. Don't remember if I had a message shared, I just made it so the hate squad couldn't.
  • r/lgbdropthetransphobia: private sub I created. Messaging was something like "we don't have quite enough subs overrun with propaganda and targeting others, and we're running out of creative names, so we'll just make something unoriginal and pretend it's mockery". I created it after a mod made the gajillionth anti-LGB/anti-GenderCritical sub, and accidentally advertised/typo-ed this instead of their actual sub name. This was the only sub with content. I used it for saving archives and screenshots of Reddit mods abusing and harassing users, and/or encouraging brigades of other subs. I was the only subscriber and moderator.

It also earned her her first 3 day suspension on Reddit, merely having the subs while not even being active on Reddit:

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Yeah June-July 2020 at the height of the ban drama was quite the time. If you notice, violent content is followed by harassing content which is followed by promoting hate, and then violating the moderator code of conduct is below that. Those four sections along with ban evasion and to a much lesser extent, unmoderated and no reason given are what this sub is interested in.

What you find is that in the case of the first four:

Violent Content: Most of this stuff was either gore, animal abuse, or extreme alt right or racist/incel content, and most people aren’t opposed to seeing that go away. You do have some less extreme right subs, edgy memes, and WPD but it’s usually obviously quite objectionable. This was the dominant ban type from fall 2017 to summer 2019.

Harassing Content: Again, there are a lot of very far right subs, along with tons of racist and incel subs, but this time they usually were a lot more tame, although in the case of a lot of these, your average person might not think they deserve to be banned anymore. This was the dominant ban type from fall 2019 to early summer 2020. This was rolled out on a wide scale in September 2019 in one of the first massive Reddit ban waves.

Promoting Hate: Now this is where the water gets quite muddy, because while there are some subs that were quite horrible in the initial two ban waves in this group (i.e. ConsumeProduct, Chapo, T_D, all of the abuse porn subs, and TheHonkPill) most of what’s on that list really isn’t that terrible, and by this point, a lot of people were beginning to turn against the censorship. This was the dominant ban type from mid summer 2020 to early fall 2022.

Violating The Moderator Code Of Conduct: This section is rather small but every single one they’ve gotten for this but DragBountyHunters and Justice4Darrell was horseshit. They really didn’t deserve to be banned and usually were politically motivated bans for subs they didn’t like and couldn’t find an excuse to ban. And the community has taken notice because a lot of people seem to really not like that side of the admin drama. As the current dominant ban type for almost a year, it does have a rather small section, but iirc there hasn’t been a ban wave for this type like the other three, and most of the people involved in subs like the previous ones to be banned don’t use Reddit anymore because they’re sick of its shit.

As time has gone on, the range of acceptable ideology has gone from reasonable to totally unreasonable, and all Reddit is doing is helping with the current radicalization of society by doing this.

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If you notice, violent content is followed by harassing content which is followed by promoting hate, and then violating the moderator code of conduct is below that.

Yes, the history and lead-up into different reasons for bans is something else this sub should document. It shows a timeline of Reddit biases coming into play, how they escalate and reform, and the change in how the platform operates.

Admins have played fast and loose with the "promoting hate" reason since it was implemented. Violence and Harassment are fairly cut and dry, but "hate" is subjective.

There were some obvious actual hate subs, but those got mixed in with ideological and political leanings of Reddit admins and their cabal mods. I honestly don't agree with the banning of T_D, despite being more left/liberal/whatever it's called now myself. I think Admins were looking for any reason at all to get rid of T_D so they, as global tech, could influence the election and political sway of the terminally online. I mean, they tried to say "inciting violence against the police" was a reason, meanwhile ACAB and glorifying police/government hate been a rally cry for 3+ years now.

"Violating the moderator code of conduct" is horseshit. They only enforce it when it serves them. For example, they have always said that mods can't squat on subs, or ban users from one sub based on participation elsewhere. But they always allow their cabal and other powermods to do both as long as it serves their purpose. They are using that reason more frequently now, especially with all the "API protests" and such, but still not acknowledging that they change the Mod Code Of Conduct because of what's happening in the moment. They also refuse to acknowledge their own selective enforcement.

all Reddit is doing is helping with the current radicalization of society

Absolutely agree. Normies are waking up and choosing sides, and those that were already radicalized are becoming more so.

I think at the end of the day it's really a class issue. Reddit has been trying to move themselves from the 99% into the 1% very slowly, so people didn't notice ... but now they're dicks-out about it. People aren't responding well. I wonder if any of them - people or admins - will change as a result though. I would like to hope so, I tend to believe in the good in people first. But there is a cynical part of me that believes everything will just continue on and nothing will come of any of this.

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Yeah the only left wing subs I can think of that they have banned for violence/hate are LWSE, CTH, MTC, the IRA subs, and their satellites. LWSE and the IRA subs were anarchist leaning and CTH and MTC were both tankie. Currently, subs such as TheDeprogram, GenZedong (although it is quarantined), and ShitLiberalsSay are allowed to be as disgusting and horrible as possible. Meanwhile, anything right of moderate conservatism is banned from the site. In my opinion, anything that doesn’t advocate for terrorism or violence in any way doesn’t deserve to be banned. This means that most of the political bans after 2017 are unjustified to me, there are some exceptions, such as DragBountyHunters, which was founded to “hunt down” drag queens in Texas after the law was passed, but those get fewer and farther between as the years pass. That sub might be the only political one where I feel like the ban was justified this year.

And people are taking notice, they’re sick of this shit and the site really might be going down in flames now.

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How did you do this?

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In June 2020 I copied Elvis Interstellar’s list into my notes app and began to update it. This lasted until April 2021 when I stopped. Over the last two days I have attempted to fill the gap of two plus years. I have all of the last six months, most of the last year, plus all of the major subs and some of the minor subs from April 2021 to June 2022.

I actually did post my updated list on r/reclassified in July 2020 but the first half got caught in the spam filter due to all of the subs with slurs in the names. The account I did it on was also immediately shadowbanned and I haven’t wanted to go back there.

The other thing I did in my free time throughout summer 2020 was try to find more banned subs by playing with the search tool and searching old lists of wacky subreddits. This is how I was able to find so many of the weird porn subs in the unmoderated section and the NFL streaming subs in the spam section.

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Nice job dude, and thank you for this!!!

Check out this bot and/or the sub it runs for more:

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That’s been a lifesaver haha. Everything that got banned on the unmoderated list since mid May I found because that bot reposted it to r/reclassified. Were you the one that made it?

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No, I am not that skilled at all. I can barely manage CSS and Automoderator.

I've just found it really interesting since it exposes how goddamn many coomers and porn subs exist on Reddit.

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Yeah honestly making this list is fun but constantly sifting through the same generic porn sun being banned for being unmoderated over and over is boring lol.

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Take the data and make charts/graphs of coomer subs/subscribers vs normies. And then after, show charts/graphs of the reason for being banned for coomer vs normie.

I'll bet "unmoderated coomer" spikes to insane levels, while "whatever-reason normie" is very low, once compared to each other.

I wouldn't want to do it, so I don't blame you for not wanting to. It gets boring sifting through it all, for sure. But maybe someone you know or a dramatard may be interested?

EDIT: I should probably say, I'm looking at this as not only a way to expose Reddit bias, but also to clearly show that the only reason they do anything about coomers is because "unmoderated", not because of content. Blast out to the world that they are a porn site hiding behind animal pics, and selectively enforce engagement.

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I believe that spez has said that over 90% of sub bans are due to being unmoderated, but usually those subs are so small that we don’t notice, which is why that list isn’t the biggest section. I believe the ban evasion one is but that’s due to the fact that those who have maintained these lists have often been involved in many banned subs themselves, there are about 20-30 of my own subs on here after all.

When I looked through ADS subs today to try and add more to the list, I found that the majority of the CP subs they reported weren’t banned for minor sexualization, but for being unmoderated or used for spam. This was pretty interesting to me.

The unmoderated and no reason given sections are the “random bins” of the list, and you’ll find literally everything that the other sections have to offer littered throughout them.

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I think the "no reason given" are older subs, before Reddit created rules and site guidelines to have the tiniest bit of accountability. So at least 10 years old, if not more.

ban evasion

That was a common one I saw a lot before "hate" but after "harassing".

It became more prevalent since many subs tried to recreate - many weren't actually "hate" or "harassing", just leaning one way or another that Reddit didn't approve of. I don't see it so much anymore, now that most mods realized they either have to be trickier with naming or just move somewhere else.

spez has said that over 90% of sub bans are due to being unmoderated, but usually those subs are so small that we don’t notice

I don't believe a word out of his mouth. Reddit's interpretation of small versus public perception are at odds with each other.

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I believe no reason given was very common prior to 2017 and still somewhat common even into 2019 during the WPD ban wave. Now it’s usually only used for subs created by shadowbanned accounts and some of the weird porn and spam subs.

It seems that ban evasion is much less common. That used to be almost all of r/reclassified but now it’s unmoderated subs. I think it’s because a lot of the people who made those “ban evasion” subs gave up and left. The vast majority of subs banned are not these irrelevant tiny right wing subs banned for “evasion” but porn subs banned for being unmoderated. If Reddit gets rid of NSFW content that will totally change the ballgame.

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My sub, r/random_shit isn't on here. It'd probably fall under "harassment" or "Violating the Moderator Code of Conduct" according to their retarded logic. Although the old sub I gave to someone else, r/randomshit, is still up and running. I'm glad I got cut from that shithole site though, cause I would've never found the "Reddit without the Redditors" replacement that is Saidit. I barely even used Reddit anymore, but got banned from GirlsAskGuys earlier this year for the same "you're not woke enough" bullshit when they got new admins who were fired from Twitter.

Anyway, glad to be here and happy to help out. Let's keep this place a free speech zone and gatekeep the FUCK out of it so actual stereotypical "Redditors" don't start coming in here. Those who care, should also start claiming hot subreddit names before they do and owning them, so you can keep them out of there as moderators on here. It'd be hilarious to see something like s/translivesmatter turn into an anti-trans sub on here! Not that I'm specifically anti-trans; just anti-retardedness.