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vpn should work

spoof your MAC address if that doesn't

but ultimately.. why bother?

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VPN - AFAIK ProtonVPN does not keep logs.

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I don't want to pay money am NEET

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Somehow no, they must have access to CIA info or something because their systems can flag you automatically no matter how well you hide your identity.

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Seems like you don't try hard enough. I have tens of accounts and I'm fine even if some get banned

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Use a (free) socks proxy in a different browser profile used only for that particular reddit account. Done.

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still op reddit? How stupid can you be.

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I thought only Godlike Productions did this sort of crappery! It's obvious they don't welcome you if they go that far. You must not be left wing enough for them!!

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They use Mac ID and IP address for bans.

So, you need to use a new device and change your IP.

I’m sorry you lost your account.

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I'm used to it

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No you are not. I checked your profile a while ago. You are not used to being banned.

I also visit Reddit. I visit r conspiracy.

You posted freely. You are not used to being banned.

Conspiracy is the head of banning people. They pick the worst of the worst. And they ban them. By worst of the worst, I mean, truth tellers.

Getting banned is like a badge of honor.

I’m sorry you got banned. But we got banned years ago. It’s what they do. And you would think r conspiracy doesn’t ban. But they do.

R conspiracy is controlled opposition. They think they can control a sub, and for it to their image.

And they did.

Go look at it.

You never learn anything new.

Conspiracy used to be about learning. And talking. Now it’s r politics but right shit. But the right shit, it’s not correct. And it’s a mind fuck.

I can’t even go to my old sub any more.

There a two month ban. And I get immediately banned for telling truth.

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I get banned so often even accounts I don't post on get banned

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Then why do you have a high karma profile? And why is that the same profile as on here?

Have you ever had to sit through two months in Reddit jail? Till you can post on conspiracy again?

I have a serial wait time.

I am currently shadow banned permanently.

I have to do all the hacker shit to talk on Reddit. I can link you to my most recent posts.

I have to make vpn accessed accounts. But it’s not like it used to be. You don’t remember when it we ninja666 and Putin love cats.

They want us gone. I have to constantly make accounts that they can’t shadow ban based on their protocol.

It’s total bull shit.

All I post is anti Ukrainian shit. They are corrupt. They made a few kids here rich.

Posting that makes them loose their mind.

Post what you want. What I post makes them loose their minds.

I had an account with several thousand upvotes recently. And then they realized I was on their banned list. And guess where I got banned from? R conspiracy. I’m not allowed to post truth.

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putin loves cats is a son of a bitch. is that you?