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Yup. I was on there for 10 years, carefully rotating through new accounts as they got banned from various subs. They permabanned me last weekend because I made a post to /r/KotakuInAction describing where the words "Homophobic" and "transphobic" came from. That's all I did and BAM, sitewide ban. The moment you breathe a word against the sacred trannies, you're gone. Of course, this is because company is full of IRL trannies.

Also, it's not an "IP Ban." It's way creepier than that. They use browser fingerprinting to tie all of your devices to a single profile that they have set up on each user. They got every one of my accounts in one shot. From what I can gather, getting back on after this is such a technical pain in the ass at it would be easier to just buy a new device. But if that new device ever touches one of your banned accounts, they'll detect it. It's not even worth the effort.

Honestly, I think they did me a favor. That whole site is just a psychological warfare battlespace where one side gets to make up all the rules. I was there for its heyday... I was there for CT, MDE, CA, CWW and all the others.

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If all you're doing is trolling, it's easy to make a new account. Fake email and you're in.

Source: Like a dozen 'permanent suspensions' total, recently, including linked accounts that 5 got whacked in a single day

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But is it that simple? Won't they detect and ban any new accounts you create?

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I wouldn't know. My last account said something negative about trains and got a 'permanent suspension' without warning. But it was there. The previous was up for I think a week. We'll see how long this one lasts.

In related news, I bet their new user account numbers have been skyrocketing since the 'permanent suspension' banwave started like a month ago!

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This is unusual. Did you create the new account with a different device? And have you used it to make comments?

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Same PC, same browser, didnt even clear the cache.

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I think they do "sweeps" through the userbase. I've read this before, that people get back on for a few days only to be banned again. They've got your device(s) fingerprinted.

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haha if you catch a ban because you got fingerprinted you're either a mobilecel and deserve it or you have zero opsec capacity and deserve it also

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No need to be a dick. I'm a grown up with a job and a family and a limited amount of time to devote to this shit.

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Lmao. Yeah, reddit has changed drastically since I started using it. It’s clear that it’s now a propaganda machine and anything that isn’t extreme liberalism will be censored.

Black people kill ~500 whites every year. Whites and the police combined kill ~420 blacks. Pointing out this fact will get you banned for “hate”.

You can’t discuss reality without a risk of a ban

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I have a 10 year old account. Not a single ban or suspension or anything until i started speaking out against gender ideology.

I am now banned from like 27 subs (most i never set foot in though), gotten a few official "warnings" against hate speech and i got one 3 day site wide ban for commenting, politely and carefully i might add, that you just cant expect a male troon to walk into a room with a woman that requested a female doctor and nurses specifically for an intimate exam and expect that woman to just be fine with it.

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Reddit became popular because of it's user driven content and user driven moderation, not necessarily because there was anything particularly great about the site. Gradually because some talented users created popular subs it became more popular than similar sites, which were all over the internet but gradually faded away simply because reddit became the go to site.

So of course some wealthy rabidly zionist oligarch family bought the site. The Newhouse family got their fortune the old fashioned way, they inherited it. They then proceeded to wreck everything that was loved about reddit, but by now all the competition had long since vanished so there were no real alternatives and reddit still had the brand that was built pre Newhouse takeover, and thats really all it's lived off since.

Creating viable free speech reddit alternatives has been nearly impossible because of who owns google, who controls the payment processors, advertisers, web hosting services, etc. Similar to how the Newhouse family bought reddit, the same group bought up the internet infrastructure necessary to create competition, and if any sites come along that says what they dont like, they shut it down using any one of these choke points.

Welcome to the Jewtocracy.

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I just got a six day ban today, not sure why. Don't really care. I only went on because Saidit was down, but this is the whole problem with Reddit: It's a forum that you can't talk freely on. You can only echo approved sentiments.

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Yep - which is why Saidit has so much potential IF it can also engage comments and posts that do not "echo approved sentiments."

EDIT - for what it's worth, I can't see anything that would have warranted a ban. You may have annoyed someone in /r/politics with this comment: "Why would kids be getting more rainbowy [20% vs. 7% rainbowy adults] if not external influence. I think the point is to remove child sexuality from schools." But you're absolutely right about this, and I would think this is relatively uncontroversial. One main problem at Reddit is that it's been overrun with kids c. 10 - 18 since the Digg invasion. Anything annoying those know-it-all dumbasses might be cause for complaint by them.

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I just checked, it's because I pointed out one of the BLM rallying cries was "kill whitey."

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What really annoys me is that there is any attempt at Reddit to stop people from posting their own perspectives of what happened in an historical event. It's anti-democratic (something on my mind as I'm watching the commentaries on the invasion of Ukraine).

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Well blackpeopletwitter will not let non blacks comment, just yesterday I commented to a young lady who almost got raped. I said when meeting someone you should have the first date in a public place and not ride in his car untill you know them more, got 28 dowvotes and people said she did the right thing. I got banned from the sub for giving good advice, I suspect from a rapist.

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I will often troll on reddit and call for unprovoked violence against conservatives, terfs, the unvaccinated and white people generally, for political reasons. Never been banned or gotten a warning for it. Sometimes they delete my comment, that is all. You can openly suggest that unvaccinated people or people who criticize trans/BLM ought to have their homes broken into and be beaten, robbed, or murdered. You might get your comment deleted, not likely to be worse than that, as long as you don't come across to obviously as a troll.

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Does my little buddy need a shalom?

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Yeah I got banned from news for pointing to science, from nurses for asking about side effects, and made me smile for having been in the Donald

The homeland security said that misonfo is terrorism.

This is well beyond Orwell.

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I got banned for three days all because I said someone wasnt a boy but a girl. Reddit thinks its promoting hate.

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Proof? Or just Nazi whining.

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i got ip banned for simply stating a woman is a human being with the xx chromosome.

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The sub 9/11 truth was quarantined for that. People started posting about the dancing Israelis and the very suspicious art projects.

But many within the Pentagon were also involved. They had to delete their 2.3 trillion dollar administration.

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Torbo had a video yesterday where he walked through the AI tools that a lot of these sites use while explaining why so many ppl are already getting banned from Truth social. He gives examples of various tools and mentions reddit at a certain point. It was interesting, you should check it out.

They don't give a shit about you, the community, the discussion. Their mission is to police the site for no-no words and nonconformist thought while retaining the maximum number of ad views. It's a cut-throat corporate capitalist hellacape that stands for nothing and these little libtard faggots act like it's revolutionary to participate in it.

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I got IP banned for just saying something along the lines of "who cares if she dies" on a post about the Queen being diagnosed with covid.

I've seen people say far worse things about her and yet my comment is seen as "threatening violence"


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I got permanently suspended from there both as a sub and a member. I created r/heightdiscrimination because r/short is full of young bluepilled idiots that are denying heightism and hardships against short men. Reddit hates men.