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I am convinced the vast majority of people are masochists. They seek out abuse anywhere they can. Why else would so many people remain on twitter and reddit? There are 27,896 on this sub and 2 right now. TWO. Reddit has been blocking, banning, canceling voices for years and yet they remain. Masochists I tell you.

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To be fair, reddit still has eyebleach, random cat videos, and a plethora of specific porn subs. We could boost those here maybe? 😂

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This is the actual answer. People want a platform where they can enjoy normal content, in addition to censorship-free discussion of hot-button topics. Currently saidit is mostly just a place to say things you can't say on Reddit. People might want to make the switch, but unless we can provide the full package, it won't work. We need more "normal" content like comedy, random advice, cute videos... Porn would also help quite a bit but I understand the platform doesn't want to have to deal with that.

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Truth. But hey I'm working on myself lol.

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Reddit fakes traffic. There is no way to know how much of it is fake.

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>Acquire list of every person to make a post to a sub that got banned

>Write a bot that will send a personal message directing them to saidit that incorporates a way of it avoiding spam filters somehow



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I believe there is a website that tracks deleted comments. That could be a good source of censored users. Many may not even know they were censored. But reddit would quickly ban you if you used thier platform to send the messages.

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Leaked reality is dead. Live leak is dead. There is a huge following for murder porn.

The body shit marked as not safe for life. And the car wrecks and suicides marked as nsfw.

There is currently no place online at all for videos like the Christ church shooting.

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I got the christ church video off of BitTorrent shortly after it happened. I didn't really want it on my computer, but I knew that it would be very hard to find later so I grabbed it on principle.

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I can’t believe it disappeared. We used to have so many alternatives available. Now, it’s damn near impossible to find.

Hey, side note. Did you watch the gay ice pick murder?

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Gotta talk about it on reddit. Which means still being active on reddit, unhappily.