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Their admin base is full of pedos and they were thinking "one of us."

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Well this is absolutely delightful. In the past few days I called attention to my disagreement of having any trans identified individual moderate here on saidit, citied on the grounds that I thought the trans identity was pathological and affected people’s ability to moderate fairly. Plus we’ve already seen what having these trans identified mods has done to the tone of Reddit.

Now here we are with one of Reddit’s trans mods (of which there are so many) who is basically a pedo, his dad is a pedo, his husband is a pedo, he self confessed to writing erotic fiction involving children. And doesn’t seem particularly concerned with that?

Sorry “Aimee” the world just isn’t ready for MAP acceptance.

I thought that I was putting on my tin foil hat when I said I thought transgenderism would be used to smuggle in pedophiles and pedophillia acceptance but like look around. The correlation between P & T continues.

Reddit is already censoring necessary discussion by banning people talking about the crazy pedo, who is on their moderation team! If we can’t condemn a sexual deviant just because he identfies as a woman well, I think I’m just going to become a Nun. Fuck it.

Edit: hopefully more coherent, still thinking about being a nun tho

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You can apparently become a 'nan' in some places, but seems like it may be one or the other.

It's really unfortunate that anyone has taken this malfunction seriously enough for it to become the problem it is today.

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Reddit has had a history of pedo problems, begining with r/jailbait

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Looked in on that sub when it first started getting attention, sometime before leaving in 2015. On the surface it was just pics of youngish girls (12 - 16ish?) apparently taken from facebook and other self-publishing sites. All fully clothed, with some in swimsuits. Kind of a ho hum, yeah they're pretty, but why?

Many have since said that was just the front for a network of "underage sex enthusiasts" who exchanged the real stuff via PMs, among even worse claims. The sub owner then agreed to a public interview that turned fairly disastrous, where one of the rocks overturned had him engaging in some "funny business" with his own daughter, IIRC.

If you remember old reddit, some of the places to never go included a sub for sex with dogs, and one for horses - both with actual videos... - and the infamous r/spacedicks, for which no eyebleach can ever be strong enough.

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It was definitely a representation of the original unfettered internet in the early days. Its important to remember its original intent was to be censorship proof. That didn't change until 2008 when subreddits and moderators were introduced into the mix.

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Jailbait is just pictures of attractive, young fully clothed girls. I mean Jessica Biel, Meg Ryan, and Christina Applegate have famously been sexualized underage in mainstream media and nobody blinked at that. The first two did nudes at 17. The latter might as well had for how prominently her tits were featured in the classic Married with Children.

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another post explains how it was a front to connect people for direct PM of CP, and the admin of the sub got exposed to stuff with his daughter

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I understand how it attracts problematic elements. There is a difference between people appreciating the figure of trailer park girls before they put on that first 300lbs and the pedos who want to use them like a sex toy.

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'appreciating the figure' of kids? why even go there?

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Please tell the story of r/spacedicks. Is it just the equivalent of old /b/?

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Horrible mutilations that were far too creative. Ugh.

Think demented sushi chef with a sharp knife, a penis, and zero inhibitions. 'The starfish' is one I wish I couldn't remember.

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Oh. I don't know why I thought it would be anything else. Much like animals, they've always gotta go for the soft tissue bits I guess.

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You edited further. My brain is just giving me mental images of conch shells on a plate, and I'm alright with that.

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Thanks, now I remember how some live seafood writhes when sprinkled with salt or soy, if you take my drift...

To segue towards the light, I've been meaning to reply to your "You're effectively a breeding sow" comment, but haven't yet. That may or may not happen, now that I'm pecking with one finger.

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Electric Eel vs Sushi Knife.

It's fine, welcome to the world of the crippled(?) I comment on here to say my piece, laugh at the sinisterly good below-the-belt shots, and trade conversation and info. We can shit on each other for not sharing the same opinions and go back to joking, it's good times.

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r/realspacedicks was crazy

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I really thought child castration or refuge rapes would blow this subject open, not Fat Aimee having an IT job after getting away with playing the victim for years.

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Can they please stop referring to him as a woman? It’s part of his disgusting fetish.

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Agreed. Let's also stop the 3rd wave politically correct language like 'congresswoman'. Stop the rot at the source.

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redit = pro pedo

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What do you mean “wtf were they thinking?”

Reddit has been a heavily censored cesspool for years. I’ve had dozens of accounts banned there for reasons even more inane than this.

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Oh hey LO! I haven't seen you since I was guillotined (and realized your saidit mods over there were 10x worse than the neo-nazis here). Anyways, do tell your reddit horror stories.

I've STILL not managed to get my reddit account banned yet, though. Any tips (that involve me being generally decent and not trolling too hard)?

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I am not seeing Aimee listed as an admin anymore.

She was named something imposter.

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Reddit just posted an announcement that Challenor was fired around the time you posted this -

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Yeah, I think I actually beat the announcement by a few minutes lol. Pretty cool timing.

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Thanks for the link.

That was a hysterical read. Virtually every other post was some version of "fuck off".

How is it that you didn't adequately vet your employees but you heavily monitored and removed discussion surrounding them on your site?

One great point

Did you never once question why they were being discussed? You don't get to just sweep this one under the rug.

So they admit to knowing that this person was being discussed, but are claiming they never knew why? Sounds like bullshit to me Spez.

My best guess is they were swapping pedo material with one of the trans mods (or someone in admin) and used that connection to get the job.

Lots of bitching about the way he and his husband got women only subs banned, and justifiable concern over their modding kids subs.

Hopefully this will lessen the toxicity of the trans community on Reddit by a fair bit.

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The claim about vetting is a lie. There are tons of troons in the reddit admin ranks. They knew about Aimee's past scandals.

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Drewie, Bardfinn.. plus Chanellors OH, so many shady bastards there.

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Anyone on r/gendercynical knew because they always bitched about any posts about Aimee long before the ban wave.

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There are tons of troons in the reddit admin ranks

I begrudgingly went to urban dictionary for that word, expecting to want to vomit. Instead, I got a good laugh.

I don't repeat clownworld nonsense, otherwise I'd add that vulgarity to my repertoire.

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I was curious what UrbanDictionary said, and none of them really define it accurately, which is unsurprising when you consider how the site has been going woke for the past few years. Notice how none of the definitions assume the premise that some "trans women" are really just deluded, damaged, or entitled men. You can't really define "troon" without acknowledging that, which is a problem, because on UrbanDictionary you are no longer allowed to acknowledge that.

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reddit is into some deep shit. on one side the pc culture is getting quite stiff really, which is not good for the pc culture itself. on the other hand you got all the bannings and shit. i think it's gradually going down and idk if it will ever gain its old place in the internet again.

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And all this happened just before they tried to start selling it's shares.

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Aw, that just delayed the inevitable: Get woke go broke!