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So you're not allowed to talk about a public figure anymore

~But it's doxxing~

Of a public figure, doing interviews and being promoted by Reddit as their new admin.

What we have is someone personally connected to one proven pedophile rapist and another person who wrote borderline CP (dad and hubby) who isn't distancing themselves from either, in any way.

Which is odd to say the least. Most non pedos are so horrified they ditch pedo rapist family members. If not totally at least publicly. But no, Chanellor actually helped his dad get a job with him.

Which makes you wonder if all three share the same...tastes.

So expecting this to end up with police carrying off his hard drive someday.

And this guy is modding subs for kids.

Edit: Reddit is peaking the hell out over this.

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Which makes you wonder if all three share the same...tastes.

Not just those three. "Aimee's" story has been well-known for a couple years now. The reddit admins that pushed to get him hired knew what happened when they were making that push. My guess is that if you arrested the reddit staff that advocated for "Aimee" and examined their hard drives, it wouldn't just be "Aimee" that would be going to prison.

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I suspect at least one of the well known TW mods on Reddit has a stash of cp. It gets posted to subs they want shut down to easily.