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I don't know if that is the best approach, this mindset of competition. It might be better to just focus on doing as much good here as possible and ignore Reddit. As long as there is a mindset to crush someone else, they still have relevance in your mind. Nobody would feel they need to crush My Space -- because they are irrelevant. I have only been using saidit for a few days and I am already starting to forget about Reddit. This place gives me so many good vibes about older days. It feels snappier, it doesn't want an e-mail from you, no phone number, and it reminds me of the good people who built the Internet who we lost along the way.

Either way, I do like the spirit, though. I rather have that than people just mindlessly migrating from one platform to the next, every time the SJWs and the pearlclutchers and the killjoys take over the next place. Better some healthy competition than no energy at all.

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I agree. Forgetting reddit would improve this place a lot.

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Agreed. Reddit's doing a fine job of imploding all on its own. All we need to do is focus on building something that's better.

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What's keeping me from using this platform is all the blatant racism getting upvoted on this sub. I get that it's supposed to have no censorship, but if your userbase is a bunch of weirdos I'm out.

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Then it seems that votes bother you more than reading racist statements. I don't know how much sympathy I have for that.

I also don't know what you believe is racist. If you think about statements about differences in population averages, I will have to disappoint you. I am going by what I believe the facts are saying and they show population differences. We know that individuals vary, I do not know why people expect averages to be the same.

That does not mean we need to mistreat anyone. If we can respect the differences between individuals, we can also respect the differences between groups. Many people who know of these differences are too cowardly to state them openly. The left thinks that as soon as we acknowledge population differences, that will be justification for putting people into concentration camps, but I believe that humanity needs to get to the point that group differences are accepted the same way individual differences are accepted. I thought that they like diversity so much. These differences come with human diversity. You cannot have one without the other. We cannot all be diverse and then all the same in every way we care about.

Sorry, but that is not how reality works. That is not reality for gender differences and it is not reality with ethnic differences.

If you are talking about people shouting nigger all other the place, the novelty of it wears off quickly. They might have gotten censored for too long so they are a little too excited that they can say this without repercussion here. If some have to hear cracker from time to time, I am sure you can deal with nigger here and there.

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Facts needs to be proven. Hating Jews, Blacks or whatever races is deemed inferior is not how you highlight population differences.

Actually I have yet to see anyone state race-related facts in an evidence-based way. It is always based on prejudices and anecdotal experience.

Additionally, a lot of the studies cited are often done in 1978. Any modern studies are immediately labeled as hoaxes or sponsored by a Jew.

I have yet to talk to someone who uses the word nigger who has an actual evidence-based argument. This for example. Where's the proof of these group difference that you speak of?

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+1. Well said!

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I already forget anout reddit most of the time and it's only been 5 days since I stopped using it. Other then for r/geopolitics. It's weird how quickly something that had a hold over you can be disregarded.

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I agree. Quality over quantity. 90% of Reddit is people saying nothing.

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How about we call out the people who are literally promoting racism? After all, this isn't Voat.

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Yeah... I've seen someone here referring to women as holes, whores. Someone was calling a poster he disagreed with a "faggot". Some users here are extremely disturbing and disgusting.

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I like the philosophy of the debate triangle on saidit. Calling someone a slur is one of the lowest tiers of argument, and is mentally deficient. Free speech should elevate people, even if you fundamentally disagree with them. Arguments should be enlightening, not angering.

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Maybe we could somehow integrate that tiered system

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Censorship of speech is the censorship of speech. You cannot pick and choose which is permissible and which not.

The very fucking premise of a democratic vote system on a site such as this is its core tenet.

The vote is the will of the people.

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Did I say anything about banning them? The poster above me said calling them out. Just like they have the freedom of speech of screeching out bullshit, I have the freedom of speech of calling them out.

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Call away. Your voice and opinion should always be heard.

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No u dont

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In my observation they are usually at the fringe and therefore not difficult to ignore for me. I personally don't find these slurs productive to conversations (obviously) but they will continue to exist just as every manor has a dungeon.

Having said that, what can we do? Ban and deplatform them? As long as no one is engaging in witch hunt or inciting/mobilising for violence, I feel they should be left alone. We can always not vote them and supersede their content with our hopefully more productive ones. :)

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Ok female

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Ok male

What a fucking child

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wallstreetbets gets banned from Reddit

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Really? Wow....

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not yet lmao


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Ah well words is words, can't be censoring people then we'd be like reddit again

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True, call out anyone using the racist karen meme.

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Nah. Let's just make this a good community with free speech. We will inevitably have to address the real nazi people who are out there looking for a nest to roost in. Voat didn't do such a good job.

Otherwise, I honestly think that a massive site like Reddit is unsustainable, it has been in operation since... what... 2006 and I don't think it has ever posted a profitable year without major cash infusion from investors who each time made the site a little bit worse than before.

The internet is best when it's DECENTRALIZED, that was the whole point of the WWW. We'd be in a much better place if we had 50 different websites instead of 1 giant website umbrella controlling 50 different subs. At the end of the day, every website hoping to attract ad revenue big enough to support that level of infrastructure will have to be censored and sterilized because brands don't want to take the chance of having their ads serve beside or within content that is ... unsavory.

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We will inevitably have to address the real nazi people who are out there looking for a nest to roost in. Voat didn't do such a good job.

The ticket is to post and vote content that is apolitical. Post funny memes, interesting news stories (not about American politics), discussions about your favorite movies and games, etc. This will attract a more "normal" crowd which will make the site much more appealing. No need to censor the Nazis if they aren't dominating the entirety of the site.

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This will attract a more "normal" crowd

Or it will just attract kids, who are assholes online and have messed up mind sets of their own.

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I don't think this site is designed for "normal" people to be honest, having tried to convert them over to Saidit myself, they're more concerned over the design of the website and lack of cute cat pics as oppposed to politics.

Saidit's intention was to provide an environment that encourages thought-provoking discussion, memes were never supposed to be here.

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Here here

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Well, why not ruqqus instead? Don't get me wrong, I like both these platforms better than reddit, but saidit seems more censored, is it not?

What is the benefit of saidit over ruqqus?

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It’s a right wing hugbox

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Ruqqus and Saidit are both not hug-boxes.

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ruqqus is way better than saidit.

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I am enjoying Ruqqus. I am not right wing.

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Only right wingers

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Oh lol, I recognize you from +CTH.

Ya, it is kinda, but we can get lefties on there too.

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Well ideally you'll get left, right and centre. Then you'll have good debate and not an echo chamber.

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In reality it is quite hard to find a leftie who can exist outside of an echo chamber. Like most dogmatic cultists the only "debate" they can participate in is the one where they get to wield a banhammer. With righties being more diverse in this respect all "live and let live" places inevitably become one-sided.

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True, the right welcomes a debate, but the left tries to censor everyone. I say this as someone who falls in the center. The left wants nothing more than to stamp out any opinion that doesn't align with their own.

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This is why I am here (and on Ruqqus). Reddit nuked my favourite debating subs rightwingLGBT and uncensoredLGBT. The remaining subs permit only validation and ideological compliance. Dissent is not tolerated.

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I am not tolerated. This is true

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Lol, I came from uncensored too.

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Very few very few sadly

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Do we have a chapo sub here yet?

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Idk haven't tried it yet but maybe that's good too

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Yes! Also on a slightly related note, don't bother with ruqqus. Their mods seem kinda salty that T_D broke off and created their own site. I got banned for telling someone that the .win site was the real community.

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Let's also call attention to the clear connection between Reddit/Conde Nast, Ellen Pao, Ghislane Maxwell and Epstein. Reddit knew about underaged sex trafficking and did nothing.

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I appreciated this sub same name) when I was on Reddit (also The_Cabal). They gave me the heads up that the possible bannings were in the works. I think that it would have been an even bigger shock if I was clueless that the subs that I was active in were on the lists.

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Well considering this place immediately got worse after the most recent ban wave, we'll just become them. The bad news is that reddit isn't only shit because of the garbage people running the place, redditors are terrible people to post with because they're obnoxious, unfunny, tyrannical cunts that feed into the moderators lust to control the narrative. They actively demand that the moderators take action against anything that goes against and disrupts their echo chamber.

They're just going to turn this place into the terrible place that reddit was.

Edit: on second thought looking around today I can already tell this place is well on it's way. I'm going to be on mine. Peace out saidit. Thanks for everything Magnora.

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Everytime there is a new wave the culture goes a little wild for a bit, then it stabilizes back out. You're always welcome

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We've got a long way to go there, man. Anyway I'd love to see more posts here, but if we went so far as to become the internet's new big "thing" it would probably lead to the same kinds of rot that mess up other social media.

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Post like these belong back on reddit

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Oh shut up, tyrant.

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We need to make sure that we're adding new, diverse and interesting content every day. What killed voat was that the low quality racism drowned out the high quality posts. What's keeping people on Reddit is that one sub for their obscure hobby or that one game they play.

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Nah, this place is dead already. It's been flooded by a bunch of man hating feminists.

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It hasn't even exploded yet tho

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lol. Delusions.

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But I prefer

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The solution to defeating reddit is to make a better platform. People are surely need for that but the technology and code needs to be right and different and new. I think optional moderation is the change needed. Notabug seems to be the best of all the new platforms it's just sad it's unfinished. The biggest issue with notabug is no moderation should not be the default, that should be the option.

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The biggest issue with notabug is no moderation should not be the default, that should be the option.

go1dfish's idea was that people could buy domains and point them to spaces. Creating an easily-accessible default space with optional moderation.

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That's a bit of a silly idea. A platform will gain much more traction I think with one nice domain. is quite good. The problem with spaces is being incomplete and hard to use. You really want a simple list of moderation options you can turn off and on somewhere like in the side bar.

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Those types would never mingle on here. Not now, not ever. Why would you willingly go to a website that doesn't censor the opposing opinions? That would mean you'd actually have to back up your statements.

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I don't want higher numbers than reddit. The only way that happens is for the same assholes who ruined reddit to come here. Then they'll ruin here.

Just like when idiots flee the high taxes and odious regulations of California to somewhere else and promptly vote in the same crap they fled from.

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How's that going to happen? Too many people here don't like hearing the truth.

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and we say fuck you reddit


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I curse out tornadoes all the time xD

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Saidit will grow envious as fuck if we try to go down that path. but there might be a 1 in 1,000 chance we succeed.

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To be honest it would be terrible if something bad happened to reddit (like it was closed or something). Right now reddit is basically a gigantic sewage well with millions of maggots or cockroaches inside. If that well was destroyed all the swarm would pour outside to other sites.

[–]Jesus-Christ 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Pretty much. When it explodes we're fucked.

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Once upon a time, was the #1 site for sharing links. Reddit ended up overwhelming Digg. It's very possible that Reddit is on the downward slide now, and Saidit could replace it.

But some things need to happen. You can't focus too heavily on censoring "hate speech", otherwise the site will go the same route Reddit did. The mobile app needs to be dramatically improved (I can't even upvote anything on it). And it needs exposure. Reddit had plenty of exposure on Digg back in the day. In fact, the top Digg users would often go to Reddit first to find interesting links to share.