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We can help to kill reddit by providing people with good strong alternatives. SaidIt is okay but it needs lots of improvements. If it's going to compete against reddit they need to improve the look, make it less glitchy, and make a mobile friendly version.

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What killed Digg, MySpace etc was not just people getting sick of their shit but them having another place to go

out of all the alternatives- Gab, VOAT, Parler etc- Saidit is the only place that offers a comparable service

the best move is to sell saidit anywhere you post on reddit. it may have a few issues but those are overcome with an interface people know

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And also saidit isn't only far right.

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It's also cool an alternative that isn't only for far right extremists. Saidit is OK because there's a lot of moderates here, even leftists.

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Your best bet would be a gamergate type campaign pointing out anti-white racism to Reddit's advertisers.

Your second best bet would be to get masses to move over to Saidit. Reddit is a corporation and if it loses users, it loses money that they owe companies like Tencent.

Your third best bet is to contact your state reps and demand investigation into social media censorship and chinese election interference especially since Reddit took 150m from Tencent.

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It would also be awesome if the campaign wouldn't be as stupid as Gamer Gate, where people harrased only one girl and not the whole idea of video game ethics, resulting that the movement has been called sexist and harrassement , which it mostly has been.

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Lol. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Reddit is basically a whole website devoted to internet bullying.

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Reddit is a huge website with lots of users and traffic. All the current reddit alternatives together couldn't handle the traffic that reddit receives. Plus, would you really want the entirety of reddit's user base to be here, right now?

I think reddit will eventually kill itself, but there's no need to rush the process. Help build decentralized and federated communities, and let people know about the various reddit alternatives. We can't expect things to be fixed overnight.

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reddits user base is trash, and the reason its dying.... we don't need those people here.

see how much money they can make off a bunch of angry radical SJWs

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right now

i never said right now dumb fuck. go back.

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Not likely, I deleted my reddit account account several years ago and I'm not about to go back now.

You might want to check out Saidit's Pyramid of Debate if you're planning on sticking around, namely the second pillar. Or you know, just take a chill pill and accept that people have different opinions.

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you did it again. my prob isnt differing opinions, it's that you made up a straw man. i never said right now, you said right now then sought to question me on it. helping faggit die faster != all current faggit users coming here immediately

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Either you don't understand what a straw man is or you're intentionally misunderstanding it. My comment is an objection to speeding up reddit's demise, not a representation of your original argument.

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    bruh moment. follow the rules or go to voat.

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    Reddit is still a juggernaut as is. Reddit likely won't die anytime soon, but the point to be taken is to bring reasonable beings over to Saidit and the like and treat reddit like the spergatory it's turned into.

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    Here are three main actions that can be done to contribute:

    1. Contribute by a good mobile Saidit client (or two; Android and iOS are different enough that separate apps would be better than some compromise that doesn't fit either).

    2. Contribute by a good browser extension for Saidit that combines Reddit Moderator Toolbox features with Reddit Enhancement, or help Saidit provide the functionality on their own. Also support Safari, unlike RES.

    3. Donate money to Saidit.

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    What are some legal bases you could sue them on? Are there times you can point out cases when they violated their own terms of service (I’m sure there are but we’d need specific instances). Maybe any time an angry mod banned someone for a reason that actually went against the TOS?

    You’d need copies of the TOS over the years and at least one individual willing to be the lead plaintiff, as well as examples of instances when the violations occurred. Then you just class action it.

    Given the new CA laws regarding making Uber drivers employees, maybe get a bunch of mods are start demanding pay for your work. Unpaid mods would need to compile records of their time spent working. Most US states have labor departments that offer avenues of complaint. Start a campaign to demand reddit stop exploiting its mods and pay them. Call states attorneys general, state reps, US reps, and demand investigations into their employment practices. This exact campaign severely injured HuffPo several years ago.

    As soon as they ramp up their pro-whoever the Dem nominee campaign is, Republican lawmakers 1000% should be up their ass investigating election meddling. Start a campaign to let them know people think so. Facebook is always getting flak for silencing the right wing. Social media sites deserve more flak for this behavior.

    Write up some articles detailing anti-centrist behavior and offer them to non-left-leaning news outlets.

    Bang the drum on the China connection. Bang it again and again. There’s no defending China right now so associate them with China as much possible.

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    Do you really care that much?

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    ya because it's a big site and they're colluding with the push for internet censorship over the past 3-5 years. let me guess, you're the kind of dumb nigger that wouldn't care if your neighbors houses got burglarized because your house didn't.

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    Reddit will never die as in disappear. The NPC hordes will keep it alive.

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    That's what they said about Digg. Once the exodus in underway, there'll only be SJWs fighting each other and then that quiets down as well, and then reddit tries to rebrand itself as some news aggregator site or somesuch, then it dies due to lack of funding and interest. Site's wiped out and someone buys the domain for ad views, then that ends as well.

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    That's actually very logical.

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    dying in terms of relevance will definitely happen. like what happened to myspace.

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    and chinese bots. the same ones toilet papers like new york times use to keep their traffic inflated and defraud advertisers.