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Girl is just doing her job, trying to make a few bucks and some scum kill her and probably made 30 bucks. I hope these guys were caught and suffered street justice like we see in a lot of these videos.

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I agree. I hate how in this world, the idea of "justice" (or "legal justice") seems to always be about taking care of the already proven criminal, no matter what kind of horrific crime they did. Rape, murder, extremely selfish acts, and they just get sent to jail for a couple of years, get fed proper meals each day. Always "reform" the criminal, even the multiple-time rapist (who goes free then rapes another person). It's as if humanity is trying to reach some kind of moral high when in reality, we all know too well what our natural instinct dictates.

I've always believed that revenge is a natural part of humanity. It's only suppressed because if we do keep on performing revenge, we'd probably end up wiping out the entire human race because of the things we do to each other. Still, I believe that if someone does something truly terrible to you then you (or your family) have the right to get back at them.

Criminals like that one in the video deserve to have their stomach split open, filled with acid, then coated with honey before dumping red ants in it. Then shoot him right in front of his family or friends like what this guy did to the girl.

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the site i got this video from said that the man got arrested, but i don't have any extended source from that

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What a piece of fucking shit

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That looked like a hit, and nothing else.

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Fucking animals

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Brutal shot. Looked to be midline neck shot exiting just above breast bone. Life appears to drain out of her instantly.

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No it didn't. Clearly entered the back of her head. You'd be a terrible coroner.

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Hahahahahaha How is it clear it entered the back of the head Dr Douchebag?

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Just gonna chime in here... Definetly entered the back of her head... From The way her hair moves looks like it entered at ear level, about where the neck meets Skull... It also looks like an exit wound just to the right of her nose.

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How is it not, retard?

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There appeared to be an exit hole at base of neck and she is coughing up blood. But what do I know? I'm just a trauma surgeon 😘 It's not clear and I could be wrong. But it looked to be a midline shot involving the airway. Hence the coughing up of blood. Also, a facial exit wound usually creates a nasty blow out of the cheeks, lips or nose - not just coughing up blood.

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Definite head shot. The blood is pouring out of her nose onto her chest.

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Yes she appears to be coughing up blood