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I'm impressed by the knife. It's able to cut through meat and bone without much problems. I wonder what brand that is.

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he didnt cut bone, he knew where the joint was, he just he cut through, no bones where cut

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Oh I see, very nice technique. I learned something new... just in case lol!

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I'm guessing he's done this before.

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I just wished that they would've ended his suffering faster. When they flipped him over to do the arms I asked out loud "Why?"

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Ok there's one guy lying on his back in the dirt somewhere at night. Three or more guys are roaming around. The guy holding the knife is heavily clothed, you barely see his face. He bounces around, shouting at the man down.

Aside from him they all are pretty calm. Cameraman is mobile, does couple of circlings but mostly focus on knife guy and the man on the floor. His only clothing, a short, has slide down a bit. We get a close up on his face and see that he's chained at the neck. His face's dirty and looks tense but it otherwise seems all right, or mabye it's too dark to tell blood from sweat.

Camera rises up from the head to his feet. Knife guy keeps on shouting, grabs the left leg, holds it and begins cutting under the kneecap with a seesaw motion. One of the background guys comes over and grab dude's legs. Poor man yells, but not on top of his lungs as if he's already tired, defeated, or very high. The blade's size is ridicule but 3 sec and the calf is fucking severed.

One or two more dudes get closer, the cut limb is thrown at his owner multiple times. They even grab it by the foot to fish slap him on the face and torso. Knife guy goes for the right leg, does the same and once again in a few fucking seconds the limb is severed. The poor dude complains again, he's hit again. His legs are now both cut at the knee. It's a strange sight when he lift them.

Then, he's turned over on his stomach and we see that his hands are tied at his back. Taking his arm seems like an unplanned move as knife guy wanders a bit but he eventually sets in and kneels beside the dude's head. Cameraman follows and from behind, we get a downward side view of knife guy slashing through the man's right shoulder.

This takes more work than merely snapping tendons, especially since the arm is still bent backwards. You can see the amount of flesh getting torn as the blade cuts deeper and articulations are dislocated. Dude screams louder in repetitive syllables.

I stopped there. Some details may not match but I won't check. I even cut the sound at some points. I don't know what I'm feeling so I'm writing this as an exorcism. Peace

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Is he hard? Respect bro.

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No, he's just bigger than you.

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Oldie but a goodie

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Sounds like someone's having a date night.

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Why was he on an erection?

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Well I made it exactly 27 seconds in. Nnnnnope.

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This is why we shouldn't use cocaine. It has a blood karma of horrific proportions. I saw one video with a guy and a chainsaw, cutting people's necks. like. yuk. People die very easily

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gtfo , what makes you think people die easily have you watched that he's still moaning after having both legs cut off probably tortured a lot even before that , also the chainsaw beheading video is old as fuck and boring

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one tiny touch from a chainsaw and they are dead. that's what i meant. settle, petal.

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Is bad that I laughed when he got smacked with his own leg?

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you decide