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Looks more like he just straight up killed himself....

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I think that he was trying to demonstrate that if you ease the slide forward, instead of letting it drop with full force, then it won't go into battery, and won't actually fire.

If I'm right about what he was doing, then either the slide did lockup correctly, or it was close enough for that particular firearm's internals to line up and allow it to fire.

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I don't know what the mfer was thinking, I think alcohol was clearly involved... He clearly at 1:40 slams the mag in, racks back the slide, then lets it go forward. This is how you load the the gun.... Then he pulls the trigger into his head... prior to 1:40 they are playing with the gun.... This is why I say mfers in the US should be required to a once a year firearm exam..... Fuckin guy was playing with the gun, don't play with guns....

I guess I gotta go back and say he didn't just kill himself, he was playing with the fucking gun. But hey, that means he just straight up killed himself, this wasn't a fucking accident, he's just stupid.

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Not you, but the idea of easing the slide forward will not rack another round is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard...

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I didn't say that it wouldn't 'rack another round', but that it wouldn't lockup completely.

If the weapon is a fraction of an inch out of battery, the internals won't line up well enough for the firearm to discharge.

This can happen in any situation where the slide doesn't have enough energy to fully close, such as if the shooter has a limp wrist or grips the weapon too low on the frame, if the recoil spring is weak, or if the gun is dirty.

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This is one of the dumbest ways I've seen someone die. What's the point of using his own head as the target? If he wanted to really show off the mechanics of a gun, he could have taken his buddy to an empty area and used his friend as the target instead.

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or like your fucking foot or something god damn

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This is so fucking dumb.

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His friend noped the hell out of there.

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You can do this.... safe You can even do this..... safe But never, ever do thi............

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Play dumb games, win dumb prizes.