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Jews. That is the source of our problems.

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Blaming jews is getting old dude.The problems we face are more complex that"Ethic group i hate is the problem".

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The Neocons are a primarily Jewish phenomenon. That is just the reality, and it is the neocons causing this mess, together with Jewish media power and censorship that demonizes the Russians 24/7 and censors all alternative views in the west.

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Weird because i was also told that Russia was already under the jews control because Putin said something nice about Israel so which is it?You people can't even make up your minds when it comes to "Jewish communist"or "Jewish bankers"even though both of those things contradict each other.

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Weird because i was also told that Russia was already under the jews control because Putin said something nice about Israel so which is it?

Who cares what you were told? I've been told a lot of things about a lot of things, much of it bullshit. This signifies nothing. Putin is a pragmatist. Jews held a lot of money and power in Russia and he was willing to use that to his advantage when the opportunity arose. As he became increasingly popular and more powerful, and began to crack down on elements he felt were subverting and looting Russia, more and more Jewish oligarchs turned against him and eventually the global Jewish community began to see him as a threat and obstacle to Jewish power and influence in Russia. Things really went to shit over his support to Syria and Iran, which turned the zionists against him and sealed his fate as far as they were concerned.

You people can't even make up your minds when it comes to "Jewish communist"or "Jewish bankers"even though both of those things contradict each other.

They dont contradict each other if you understand the concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend and divide and conquer tactics. Jews almost universally hated the czar and wanted him gone. Some wealthy Jewish bankers saw the largely Jewish bolsheviks as a means to get rid of the czar, and offered crucial financial support, and this in fact achieved their aims. The Czar was overthrown and him and his entire family murdered, and Jews initially held much power in the aftermath of that. Are you denying Jacob Schiff and some other wealthy Jews initially supported the bolsheviks? This is pretty well established albeit downplayed and suppressed history.

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Maybe try asking your neo nazis friends why putin is shown with jews and supporting israel in several photos if they hate him so much.Secondly,do you not know what communism is?The Whole Point of Communism and Bolshevism is complete disdain for capitalism and private ownership. Indeed. One of the very first things the Bolsheviks did was to seize all Banks and more importantly, cancel all Czarist debts. Banks fundamentally work by loaning and borrowing money. They issue loans, then make money when the loans are paid along with interest. If this is insufficient, they borrow money from other Banks. In other words, by cancelling Czarist debts, the Bolsheviks denied the so called Bankers their income. The idea that the Bolsheviks would borrow money from hated Capitalists, or that Capitalists would lend money to people who've openly stated their intent to destroy them, is idiotic.

Second, the US State Department Documents tell the whole story. So called "Wealthy Bankers" in London And New York (some of whom were Jewish, which is the real reason behind the conspiracy theory), refused to fund the Bolsheviks. On the contrary, when Boris Kamenka, one of the main bankers of the Provisional Government (more on this later) was forced to flee Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution (where, as mentioned above, the Bolsheviks seized or shut down all Banks), the US based Banker Jacob Schiff (who happened to be Jewish) asked the US to provide him and the Anti Bolshevik Russian Czarists/Whites (who were also Antisemitic) all possible financial support "to prevent Bolshevik Devastation"

The thing is, the people who peddle the conspiracy Don't know a thing about Russian history. They don't understand the simple concept that there were multiple Russian Revolutions. One in 1905 after the Russo Japanese war, the 1917 February Revolution that overthrew the Czar and installed the Russian Provisional Government, and the October Bolshevik Revolution of that same year.

It was the FEBRUARY 1917 revolution that enjoyed support from US based Bankers, Including Jacob Schiff. And even then, it was limited. The US State Department records show that when Schiff was asked, he refused to provide any loans because all focus was on American War loans, as it was WWI at the time. If any US based Bankers did support the FEBRUARY Revolution, it was because the Czar was deeply unpopular and many segments of the Population were turning against them. They saw the winds of change, and more importantly that the Provisional Government was willing to continue the War (something that the Bolsheviks opposed). That's it. Any so called Bankers who supported the February Revolution did NOT support the Bolshevik Revolution of October, because the reasons stated above (Hatred if Capital and Banks, and cancelling Czarist or Provisional Government loans) made them prima facie incompatible, ideologically.

Source: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Anthony Sutton.