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I've been thinking

I've been thinking all the evidence we have of how a nuclear attack would affect a city is from American sets built of their standard ticky tacky dollhouses and Japanese cities which were mostly built out of paper.

From the bombings in Japan they calculated a person's chance of death or illness was related to the number of concrete walls between them and the bomb. Those researchers wouldn't be able to count the number of concrete walls between me and the centre of my nearest city, there's too many. They could only do so in Japan because concern walls were so rare.

So I think if there was a nuclear attack on the West the results would be very different. The buildings of the city itself would absorb much of the radiation. You could then demolish and remove the buildings to get rid of it.

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Try to be a better troll. "A nuclear war would be fine" is too obvious.

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If Russia nuked western cities the results would be different from Japan because the missile yields would be measured in megatons not kilotons. Everything would be demolished there would be nothing but rubble for miles. No roads no power no water just rubble.

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People have been so desensitized to violent conflict by entertainment they see nuclear war as no big deal. Like they are so used to antiheroes they see moral goodness as being a simp.