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I hope so.

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Not surprised. Hitting any Russia warship, much less the flagship, seemed a bit unbelievable for Ukraine's incompetent military. But with the US pulling the strings, telling them exactly where our spy satellites say their ships are? I can believe that.

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Well, they were up against Russia's inept leadership and incompetent army of rapists and navy full of retarded alcoholics.

Anyway. The results were great!

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The only silver lining here is that it is hardly a surprise to the Russians that they are at war with the US. They have known all along who is on the other side of the line. The only people who might be surprised live within the US itself. The administration will gain nothing for this politically. Those who support them will cheer, but they would cheer anyway; those who are against the administration's handling of this are going to be even more pissed than they were before; and those in the middle are going to find this a dangerous escalation. Net loss that they have told the world what the Russians already knew.

Failing empires just keep waging war. It's the only thing they have left.

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Yah, no shit.

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Yeah it was obvious they had US satellite intel. The Moskva was 100 miles offshore.

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US proxy war continues to attack Russia, while pretending Russia is attacking the proxy unprovoked.

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When did the US invade Russia?

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The UN/US somewhat invaded Ukraine by provoking and supporting a long lasting and deadly citizen led coup, in reaction to the Ukraine president choosing the Russian oil/trade deal, rather than the UN deal. We helped with their following election, installed a puppet president with and heavily embedded our people and money in their government's workings. That government, with our help, intelligence, and constant supply of weapons, where used to attack Russia and violate Ukraine-Russia peace treaties, while using morally questionable means to drive the more Russian populations out of Ukraine.

The only a question is how much of that coup and aggression towards Russia was Ukraine's own doing and how much of it was the result of US/UN tactics, pressure, and money incentive. The vagueness of blame when hiding behind proxy wars.