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I avoid reading anything from this fool. (Trump)

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Guess it's more than 1800 troops, this will certainly escalate the problem bringing the poor masses to bear the brunt of it all.

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uh... since when have the poor masses not brunted the bears?

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Well, they always do, u are right

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God damnit. The alt-right markets muslim hate, then he sends troops over there to help them.

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Its called playing both sides.

5D chess with hyperdimensional black-hole manipulation via algorithmic media baiting. The only real problem is whether it will actually work out, my gut heuristics tell me: NO!

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Islam hates us quite well without any help from anyone else. Especially the Saudis. They did 9/11, you know.

If we go to war with Iran to secure Saudi Arabia's oil supply it's going to cost trillions. That's money out of your pocket and mine that could have gone to roads, schools, or just plain stayed in our pockets. Not to mention all the dead American soldiers.

I don't even care if Iran attacked Saudi Arabia and doubt enough people would. Saudi Arabia is probably the most hated and despised country in the world, so good luck convincing your own population to go to war to protect a slave state that is doing their own genocidal campaign in Yemen.

We're supposed to care about Saudis being attacked because they are US allies. That is why Western propaganda outlets news media is trying to manufacture outrage. It isn't going so well for them.

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He's avoided pandering to the Military-industrial complex, except when it comes to Saudi Arabia, apparently. I don't even get why they were sent there. For southern Syria? For the war in Yemen?