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I'll remember all of you guys who doubted at 119 and thought the protest was over:

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I admit I didn't have the balls, or spare cash really, everything is tied up.

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I put £500 in at the dip.

Frankly I'm just glad to get it back.

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I’m gonna send you the best marijuana

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$93.52, didn't quite go how we'd hoped.


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It's far from over.

I've been keeping up with everything my friend.

I honestly haven't spoken with you about any of this because I know how you feel about GME; doesn't matter, it's happening and we already took down several Hedge Funds by simply drs and hodl, exposed Wall Street as an illegal casino, and exposed all the etfs, FTDs & zombie stocks.

I DRS'd all my shares so they're in my name, no more brokers. Once the float is accounted for (we're almost there), they will be fucked, combined with options expiring/etfs/FTDs.

I saw you got very into crypto. I didn't wanna ruin that for you, it was your thing.

Hedge funds have been using crypto for a YEAR for liquidity. That's why there was all those pump and dumps. There is no crypto market regulation outside of what's built into it. If you look at it, they correlate with GME's "movements", as do zombie stocks like Sears and blockbuster (which they still haven't closed in!!)

No, the ride is far from over (this is actually continuation of 2008, it never ended), and this will result in change, they will never allow this to happen again. The stock market will never look or be the same if it survives this. This has been a red pill for Super Stonk, Reddit and the World that they can't spit out or unsee, and it wasn't forced on anyone, it was accidentally swallowed.

They are going to slowly continue to drop gme (more for me!), watch. We've known this for months. If you check fidelity or any reputable trading charts, you'll see retail is not selling gme and they haven't in a long time. Diamond hands. So why is the price going down?

Market manipulation, liquidity, pump and dumps, options, zombie stocks. GameStop even stated it only releases stocks via their partner, computer share.

If you're buying stocks from a broker theyre phantom shares. You can still have them sent to CS, that would force the broker to find your shares and actually buy them (phantom shares work like digital money - they don't exist), you just need to make sure they're on book and DRS'd.

They have 2 options rn:

  • hope we get bored/scared

  • fuck the economy massively

They're shooting for one, but if 2 happens, well.. didn't you see what happened to the China evergrande group? It's not rly their problem.

If we held for a year, why would we start selling? Why would the price drop when everyone always holds and buys the dip? Why does the price dip every time there's good news?

Edit: I'm still gonna buy you a dispensary bro.

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Fuck Spez and RobinHood

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Amen. Fuck wall street too.

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Agreed, it's a scam. Who here isn't ready for a serious tumble?

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Why oh why did I not buy more at 40...

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Because you don't support or endorse this degenerate society?

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Don't feel bad, be happy!! You got in at a great price!

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Got myself 10 shares a couple weeks ago. 👍

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Good luck dude!!

That short attack yesterday was intense, you can tell they’re scared. I personally smell fear and blood. That attack was trying to shake all the paper handed people off the gme tree but it failed, and we were still up yesterday and recovered around 100 dollars within 10 minutes. They halted the market 8~ times on gme preventing trading and trying to scare people to put in sell orders, for a good 20 min during the drop. From my dd, they’ve exhausted their resources now (I watch this throughout the day:, it’s a good resource to know when an attack is coming, and to see how deep of a grave Melvin dig themselves), and because of that attack we’re SSR today!

Today should be a good day, hodl strong if you feel like it, if you feel like it’s time to exit do you!

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Agree with you man. No idea what's gonna happen, but either we get to the moon (or Marz) or my kids inherit these stocks! (and I've been shopping at GameStop)

/ just another retarded, diamond handed ape

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Good luck bruhbruh!

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Go back to reddit, where your money will burn up because you thought it would just keep going. The bubble bursts, it doesn't matter how long it takes, but it bursts eventually.